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Convection models have many advantages, but also many disadvantages. The steam produced by the convection vaporizer will usually be of much better quality than in the case of conduction, its taste will also be better. So if you want to savor the taste and aroma of your favorite herbs convection is the solution for you. The big advantage of convection is also the fact that in this type of vaporizer dried herbs are heated only during puffing. You can have too gone for the best choices in e liquid sale now.

This solution is much more economical nothing is wasted between successive breaths and discreet convection vaporizers usually give a slightly less smell. The biggest disadvantage of convection is the high power consumption the length of work on one charge never knocks you on your knees. The puffing technique itself is definitely more demanding in the case of convective models inhalations should be very long, almost always above 10 seconds.

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Convection vaporizer is, therefore, best suited for users who inhale first and foremost, putting steam quality and taste as well as saving material in the first place.

Hybrid: the best compromise?

Hybrid heating is a compromise between convection and conduction. It is often said that it derives the best of both worlds the quality and taste of steam are better than in purely conductive models, while the battery life and ease of use are better than in purely convective models. Dried hybrid models heat the walls of the heating chamber all the time, while it is fully heated only when puffing when the drought is additionally heated with hot air.

So if we are looking for a model that will provide better steam quality and performance than the conduction model, and at the same time have better battery life, a friendlier price and less complicated puffing technique than a convection model, then the hybrid vaporizer seems to be the best solution.

And how do you already know which type of vaporizer will be best for you?

If so we are very happy that we could help. However, if you still have doubts or would like to ask something to write to experts, qualified experts will be happy to give you free advice.

All portable vaporizers belong to one of two groups: session vaporizers or on-demand vaporizers.

Below we briefly remind you how these types of vaporizers differ and we advise you which one will work better for specific types of users. We have already written about the differences between sessions and on-demand vaporizers. Therefore, in this article we will discuss these differences only briefly, focusing more on which type of vaporizer will be better for a specific user and specific needs.

Session vaporizer and on-demand vaporizer: what’s the difference?

Session and on-demand vaporizers are completely different types of devices. The main difference boils down to the style of inhalation in the case of session models, after filling the chamber, all its contents should be used during one inhalation or “session”, and stopping it is not recommended and significantly reduces performance.

In this type of vaporizer, the drought is heated all the time, from switching on to switching off the device, also between successive puffs. Heating the dried material throughout the duration of inhalation means a slightly worse performance some of the active substances cannabinoids contained in the dried material are wasted when you are not taking a puff.