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The chance to try e-liquids full of flavors is very pleasant to vape. The taste was so intense that you came to no longer like the taste of the real cigarette. But of course, it takes a long time. Above all, take your troubles patiently, test, buy several e-liquids, this is how you will succeed in identifying tastes and thus find the e-liquids that suit you.

You can even find votes that allow you to see the opinion of vapers on all the e-liquids they have already tried. You just need to search the web a bit to get an overall opinion on the good and bad brands. You can even leave your opinion so that others take into account your experience at the vape store .

You have just taken the step of the electronic cigarette: Congratulations first

Vaping is not rocket science, but a few tips will certainly make your transition to electronic cigarettes easier. Indeed, any new vaper, his electronic cigarette in hand for the first time, finds himself a little lost in his habits. The act of vaping itself differs, so do the habits. No lighter or bundle lying around, think of batteries and e-liquid.

Advice for a new vaper

vape store

Do not hesitate to find a contact person who will be happy to answer you on your questions. It can be your favorite E-Smoking seller, a forum or someone around you who is already vaping.

Using an electronic cigarette: it’s different

The habits that one takes while smoking are tenacious and quickly, the fact of vaping will make you compare the two practices. Nothing is more normal. Each smoker is different in their way of smoking, the cigarette itself is nothing technical and the big advantage of the electronic cigarette is that you can change a lot of parameters. You have to know them or get advice to learn how to use your equipment and vape freely.

You know that you have certainly not been taught to smoke, but to succeed in your transition there is a whole community of electronic cigarettes who are ready to help you, which is very encouraging in your quest to quit traditional tobacco.

Use an electronic cigarette

Even if the rendering is close, a new vaper will have to adapt its use to successfully transition.

Many parameters for using an electronic cigarette

Each model of electronic cigarette has different characteristics. The principle remains, of course, the same but very different vapes are offered by the manufacturers. You will see that it is possible to act:

  • On the hit, this throat clearing during inhalation so dear to smokers. The nicotine level participates in it just like propylene glycol which is one of the main components of e-liquids.
  • On the steam temperature by choosing a suitable material.
  • On the density and the quantity of vapor by privileging certain liquids and certain tanks.

Your electronic cigarette especially the tank will impose a certain type of vape on you. It will be difficult with the same clearomiser to offer a very tight and very aerial vape for example. The use of your equipment will, therefore, depend on its design. This is to be taken into account for your use.