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تحميل اغاني

For downloading or listening to music on the Internet, only a small proportion of runetniks are willing to pay – 17% of them paid for audio files at least once. At the same time, 7.6% of the respondents really had a single experience, 7.7% bought music just a few times, but only 1.7% of the respondents turned out to be frequent consumers of paid audio content. For the تحميل اغاني the deals are perfect now.

تحميل اغاني

It helps you choose the right platform for those who cannot decide.


Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world, significantly outperforming its competitors in many ways. Unfortunately, it has not yet entered the Russian market, so for its successful use it is necessary to resort to some tricks .

This service is a real music social network: here you can add friends, exchange messages and comment on music news.

Custom playlists are not only available through a direct link, but are also displayed in the search, which fundamentally changes the process of exploring new audio recordings. Recommendations lose the accuracy of computer algorithms, but acquire the human factor of spontaneity.

An individual Spotify subscription costs $ 9.99, family (up to five) $ 14.99, and a student $ 4.99. For the first two months, the service requires only $ 2. Subscribing will not only open unlimited access to music, but will also increase the bitrate to 320 Kbps in the OGG Vorbis format.

Advantages: high bitrate, lightning fast work, cool desktop client, many additional features.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the second most popular music streaming service in the world after Spotify. It has an extensive base of 60 million tracks. The service offers playlists for different moods and compilations from dozens of foreign and Russian curators (music publications and labels).

Apple Music supports composing custom playlists that you can share with friends via the link. And the service can recommend suitable music based on the tracks you previously liked.

An individual subscription worth 169 rubles per month opens up unlimited access to audio recordings and playlists from curators, and also allows you to listen to tracks offline. The cost of a family subscription is 269 rubles per month (up to six people), while a student subscription is only 75 rubles. The free trial period is three months.

Advantages: compatibility with the Apple ecosystem without installing additional software, merging with the existing media library, high bitrate (256 Kbps, AAC).

Disadvantages: not very good work of personal recommendations in the case of rare and specific genres.

Google Play Music

“Google Play Music” will cost you a little cheaper: an individual subscription costs 159 rubles a month, family – 239 rubles. You will get unlimited access to the database of songs and the ability to save tracks for listening offline. Within a month, the service can be tested for free.

Google Play Music also offers mood playlists and creates customized, updated collections based on the tracks you listen to. The format of the songs is 320 Kbps, MP3, which roughly corresponds to 256 Kbps, Apple’s AAC.

Advantages: impressive music base at a low price.

Disadvantages: external unattractiveness and angularity of the interface.


Streaming service, popular in Russia. Its browser version allows unlimited listening to audio recordings without authorization and in an acceptable bitrate (192 Kbps). Yandex.Music can synchronize with Deezer and transfer playlists from, forming recommendations based on songs from there. There is also the possibility of migration from Apple Music.

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