Types of Machinery and places of a reconstruction

C4 Demolition

Demolition is also known as razing. Demolition is a process, which is used to destroy any man-made works of buildings like houses, temples, bridges, etc… as any manmade structures by using machines or as well as by using human. These humans will be able to demolish only the small parts by the use of human materials like a hammer, saw, etc… the demolition process coincides with the deconstruction part, the demolition will be done securely and safely without damaging the things which can be used after the process of deconstruction or the things can also be used while deconstruction. When comparing to a man-made demolition the machinery demolition process is very much easier. The article is about C4 Demolition .

C4 Demolition


The demolition machines are excavator which is also known as bulldozers, cranes, the elevated platform works these are the machines used for demolition process which makes the work simpler and easier. Now this process is become still easier by using wrecking balls which is effective against the Masonry and also it can be a controlled device .still newer maybe by using a hydraulic shear which is rotational and rock breakers in silence is attached to excavator which is used to break or even cut through the steel, concrete and as well as wood. The shear usage is very dangerous mostly when it is used while cutting the flame.


As we have discussed before the demolition process is only for reconstruction or deconstruction which is fully demolished. Only the minimizing amount of material is moved into landfills the remaining material is just kept for recycling and reusing the material back for any process which is also used to make another building. Sometimes this idea also makes to save the amount which leads to profit. It mostly reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide which is known as CO2 by the process of removing a part by part of the building when also compared to the process of demolition. Mostly the demolition waste is based upon the segregation waste which is made of demolition process is based upon the site and building replacements that are used to build in a particular place.

The demolition waste is of use as

The concrete which is used it demolished by the process of demolition is used as the pilling mat which is used for stabilization in the ground either aggregate which is crushed or aggregate which is used in the mixing of concrete. Then the process of deconstruction is timber waste which is used in the process of shredders by using timber shredders which are specialized in the way. This timber is composted or as well as used in the form of manufacturing timber boards like chipboard and MDF etc… for example, the planning of the tallest building is the story of 47 built in the year of 1908 in the place of New York the name of the building is known as Singer Building. And it is replaced in the year 1967 to 1968 it is replaced into One Liberty Plaza. This is one of the best examples of the process of demolition and as well as deconstruction.

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