The new era of digital frauds

wu carding transfer

With most of the banks digitalizing their websites majority of the account holders prefer online transactions. Online transactions help people to save their time and get the job done faster. But along with this online transaction also have a great threat from hackers all over the world. Carders use many modern ways to hack card information such as card number, cardholder name, expiry date, CVV number etc and use it to do online carding transfer. One such very common online carding transfer is wu carding transfer . Wu stands for the Western Union, is a financial company which allows International fund transfer. It allows the transfer of money from person to person or to send money orders, business payments, and other commercial services. You can also pay bills, track transfer and purchase gift cards using the Western Union website.

Take required preventions

wu carding transfer


But hackers all over the world are involved in wu carding transfer. By collecting the personal details like credit card number, expiry date, username on the card, CVV and other primary details, these hackers do a fund transfer to different countries and finance illegal activities like terrorism. The risk of wu carding transfer doubles with the use of proxy servers. Though we funding transfer includes security checks like call verification, these hackers use advanced hacking tools like phone spoofers or voice changers and mislead the security check. Using these technologies also help them to escape from being trapped during any investigations. These carders also use some sites with the huge database to obtain complete details of the cardholders like social security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, cardholder middle name etc. which are required to answer background check conducted by the union before fund transfer. These details are further shared on carding forums which can be used by hackers worldwide. This information can further be used for bank account transfer or other online related fraud services.


Many times these stolen data of thousands of people from all over the world will be bundled as a base and will be sold for other resellers. Finally, all these data will be sold at a great price for the darknet market or other carding sites which uses these data to purchase and resale online goods in an illegal way. Many times these hackers use the personal data obtained by carding to purchase online goods especially costly electronic gadgets like iPhones and then sell it at great discounts, say for example 60-70% discount to other customers online. People get excited by seeing such great discounts and contact these frauds to order the product. These frauds then ask the customers to transfer some percentage of the amount as advance and if the customer does it, then they block the customer immediately after receiving the money. In such cases people who shop online get fooled by these hackers and fall in their trap and lose money.


This shows that all personal and financial details are easily accessible to fraudsters via various proxy sites or malware and a person has to be very careful while doing online transactions. One must use authenticated sites only for all transactions and should not do any transaction with an unknown third party on the other end.

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