How torrents help in moviebox


This distribution of the data collected on the web by the torrents is a highly efficient method of getting the group of trackers together, which helps in getting bigger files to be downloaded faster. There is no need to host the file on the website as there is no direct download or there isn’t online streaming hence the process is accelerated. When you collect the data from various computers across the web, the pirates are in a more secure position and they can’t be found out easily. Make use of cydia


How it can be done

There are risks doing this, the way movie box works have its own set of risks for the user. This happens when people don’t know what torrents are and how they work. As a downloader you will also be an uploader which is leading to sharing of the file which is then accessed by other computers, hence you also end up sharing the pirated file in the whole process. If you want to prevent this you will have to decrease the quantity that you upload each time, when you do this you slow down the speed and this counter, you’re the data coming to you as they wouldn’t want the ones to hamper with the downloads in their swarm.

As there is the uploading also happing the files get seeded and they can find out which computer has done any a number of them who have pirated and caused for the leak are liable for fine under the law. As its illegal to pirate programs and movies causing copyright infringement. If caught you will have to pay heavy fines and it could be in tune of thousands of dollars. It is not just about movies, songs and other content too come under legal action if they are pirated illegally through torrents. The IDs of the computers can easily found out through the service providers and this will show who has downloaded which file and how many people are doing it.

How to make it safe for usage

For not getting caught you will have to use a ploy to mask your activity on the internet. For this you will have to use a virtual private network, this will link with the public network which in this case would be the internet. This way the data sent will be encrypted and your service provider will not be able to decipher it and your privacy is retained. The data can be transferred easily without anyone knowing it as it will not be known when you hide it this way and even a check will not give them the evidence of what your activity was or is.

You will have to get the right VPN for your movie box and they would allow the P2P torrents that are essential for this purpose. As they have been unthrottled through the whole process of data transfer, you will find the ones that don’t decrease the speed of the torrents. The company that provides you with VPN should not keep the logs or the all this masking would just be a farce. Try to research a bit before choosing a VPN most VPN aren’t up to the mark as the reviews suggest. You will have to find one that ticks all the above-mentioned boxes otherwise there are chances that you can be caught after spending on a private network too.

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