Smart Usages for the Best Jewelry Items

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Essence of jeweler and jeweler, metal is the basis of your future jewel. Neglecting the choice of metal for the mount is likely to have a less brilliant rendering but especially a more fragile jewel. To help you better understand, and especially to choose the metal of your jewel, we decipher with you all these materials. From the jewelry in israel you can have the best deals now.

It’s gold to wake up

Of all the materials, it is the gold that we prefer. And we know that we are not the only ones. It is the most used metal in jewelry. Brilliant and precious, it does not oxidize, a sure value.

The history of gold

jewelry in israel

According to historians, gold is used and worked since the 5th century BCE. Highly sought after, this precious metal was the preserve of kings and emperors. It was already used as a base for royal adornments both in Western Antiquity and in the Aztec territories.

One of the major turning points in the democratization of this coveted treasure was the California gold rush at the end of the 19th century. The exploitation of the veins, and the creation of mines, has allowed the increase of the production of this precious ore.

Today, it is used both in industry, in electronic objects (Japan has recovered used mobile phones to create the Olympic Games of 2020), but also in jewelry.

Titration of gold

As we have said, pure gold is too soft to be used as is to create a jewel. This gold is titrated, that is to say evaluated, at 24k (or 1000/1000th). It is therefore made of 100% fine gold.

  • The addition of other metals to make it resistant while keeping it glowing is therefore necessary. For this, we mainly use silver and copper (sometimes palladium) in different proportions. Properly dosed, this alloy improves the properties of gold, making it more resistant, and sometimes shading its color.
  • The 9k is very lightly dosed in gold, only 37.5%. It has, in our opinion, only gold name, and is paid very dear in view of its quality. We advise you to flee at all costs.
  • The 14k is composed of more than 50% fine gold. This is especially the alloy of our friends from across the Atlantic, so watch out for jewelry (especially white gold) reported from the United States.
  • Finally, 18k gold contains 75% fine gold. More valuable and ideal for high quality jewelry ready to follow you all your life. This is the alloy we chose to create your jewelry.

Understand the colors of gold

Pure gold is naturally yellow. But since it is not used as such in jewelry, its color can be more or less accentuated or nuanced thanks to the other metals that make up its alloy.

  • To do this, gold will be combined with metals (usually precious) with marked colors.

To keep it glowing yellow, gold is mixed with silver and copper. These metals in an equivalent quantity do not extinguish the yellow glow of the original gold. For a more pink or red, for example, simply increase the proportion of copper that is already red. The same goes for white gold, with a little more money or palladium.