Great Choices for the Jewelry Items You Cannot Ignore

hamsa jewelry

If you hesitate between ear studs or creoles, do not panic. Find here all our tips to choose your earrings according to the shape of your face and avoid fashion faux pas. If you want to be stylish, do not leave anything to chance. It is neither your jewelry nor your earrings. The hardest thing is to choose them. With the right hamsa jewelry you can have the best deals now.

How to choose your earrings: according to your face

If it is rather square? Choose rounded earrings with soft shapes. Side size, you can pretty much all you allow, stud earrings maxi creoles.

Earrings for oval face? You can do everything. If your face is a little long, however, be careful to avoid earrings too dangling not to amplify the effect of size.

Your face is rectangular? The rounded earrings are ideal for softening the features of your face.

hamsa jewelry

The shape of your earrings may also bring some effect to your style. For example angular and geometric shapes give a more assertive image, ideal for a serious and professional look.

The rounded shapes give softness, they are perfect for a feminine and romantic look.

Choosing your earrings is also worth highlighting

Be careful however to those that complex. If you are not a fan of your ears, simply avoid drawing attention to this area. Opt instead for other accessories such as bibs or cuffs or prefer small and discreet earrings.

These options can also be chosen for a low hairstyle. For the hair pulled down, in a braid, for example, choose a statement necklace and a pair of screw earrings, which will add extra delicacy to the look. Remember that hair can also be accessorized. Choose floral accessories, bents, fine crowns, beads, tiara or jewelry accessories to bring the elegance note you want to your outfit.

Choose the jewelry you like, depending on your personality.

The wedding is a magical event, a day when you must shine. To truly enhance yourself, opt for those items that fit your personal style. If you like simpler jewelry, select them. Indeed, the choice of jewelry is made taking into account the dress, but your personality is also an important factor in this process. Sometimes a simple and tasteful pair of diamond or pearl earrings and necklace can accentuate the beauty and aura of femininity.

Take into account the comfort that jewelry offers you

Another very important aspect to consider is the comfort your jewelry offers when you wear them and that you are not allergic to any of the precious metals they are made of.

The earrings are the icing on the cake of a well thought out outfit. If you took care to select your outfit, do not spoil the set with poorly fitting earrings. In addition, there are many elements to take into account before making a choice, such as the colors of our clothes, the shape of our face, our other accessories, but also the meaning of the stones that we wear. Here are some tips to help you avoid making odd ones.