Benefits of using prepaid debit cards

onevanilla prepaid visa card balance

With the present generating moving from cash payments to cashless transactions, there is a lot of changes in the methods of money transactions being done. Long gone are the days when people used to stand in Long bank queues to withdraw their money. Now every such operation is done using credit and debit cards. There are also special cards other than bank cards which can be used as debit cards.

One such card is the vanilla Visa debit card. These debit cards can be used just like any bank debit card. By having enough onevanilla prepaid visa card balance one can easily shop in online shopping sites or any other nearest stores which accept credit and debit cards.

Unlike other bank cards, it is quite easy to obtain a vanilla debit card. One need not open any bank account to purchase this card. You just need to sign in using your email ID with a user name and password, and you will get your vanilla card after instant ID verification. One can purchase a vanilla card for his own or can gift it to any of his friends or relatives.

Features of prepaid debit card

It is a flexible card that suits all kind of transactions. It is acceptable in all parts of the country, and fund transfers are quite comfortable. The funds in the card never expire. If the validity of your card expires, then the balance in your card will automatically get transferred to the new card.

Vanilla cards are free to get, and one need not pay any fees to get the card, or there are no after purchase fees. To use these cards the pin which you enter for your first transaction will be saved as your card pin. But anyhow you can change that pin when you desire. These cards can be used for all kinds of online shopping sites like eBay, Amazon, Walmart and for other large retailers. A person can buy a vanilla gift card and gift it to his dear ones. To use a vanilla card, you must set a pin number as you do with other debit or credit cards. Then using this pin, you can do online shopping, retail shopping or you can also use it in any of your nearest ATM’s to withdraw cash. This refused the risk of carrying cash with you all the time.

You can also check the balance in your card online, at the vanilla website. Once the funds in the map are used, the card can be refilled at any nearest load retail centers. You can Load retailers are available at almost all parts of the country. Using vanilla cards is quite easy, and there are no risks of direct money transactions.

onevanilla prepaid visa card balance

Vanilla cards are available quickly and you can also link your vanilla cards for direct transfer of government funds, scholarships, tax returns, etc. Using cards for online shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart, etc., also give you great discounts, and cash back offers to make your shopping more profitable. But always keep your card and pin safe and confidential. Never share your card or pin with any third person as this may cause you to lose your hard-earned money.

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