Connection Between Chakras and Healing Crystals


How are the stones and crystals used in the treatment process?

The crystals and gemstones play a vital role in Vedic Astrology and the one who has doctrine in yoga and meditation that are used to unblock and balance the seven chakras of the human body. Well, the seven chakras are ranked according to the virtues of healing hjælper kroppen med opheling stones in many orders.Although there are different types of gemstones and crystals present in the universe, each stone and crystal have their color and properties. However, only a few are used in the treatment process and are acceptable worldwide for empowering energy, relieve stress and any of the body part pain. Always use them under the guidance of healer as few might have adverse effects if not properly handled.

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How tobenefit the use of stones?

Before getting in contact with the person these stones and crystals should be purified and recharged for a better treatment process that is effective and helpful to boost the energy levels of the person. The primary uses are as follows:

  1. One should always carry their stone in the form of the jewel which might be placed in a pendant, necklace, finger ring, bracelet or carry in their purse or pocket to benefit their purpose.
  2. When you are going to avail the chakra balancing session, during that time these stones are placed on the places of chakras which you want to heal and for this the person needs to lie down for 15-20 minutes in a quiet area. Affix the stone on a particular chakra or try to access the balance and open all the chakras at once.
  3. Make sure you are using these stones in a purified place that is far of any sanitation, near the windows, corner of the rooms to get rid of bad energies such as coming in contact of the evil eyes such as tiger eye, bull’s eye, the black spinel or any other form. Always use Amethysts geode, pink quartz, orange calcite, or salt lamp for purification purpose.
  4. The other possible way to benefit from stone in the process of heal is soaking the selected stone in drinking water, which is known as an elixir. Always follow this method once you seek the advice of your practitioner because few stones are dangerous with harmful substances that are locked in a pendant as if it is soaked it lowers the potential and result in radioactivity.
  5. These stones play an important role as it acts as protection stones such as amulets which are part of Chinese Zodiac sign according to the Sun. In the same way, a color of gemstones or crystal plays a prime role in determining your favorite food which also corresponds with one of the seven


Are you satisfied with the information presented above regarding the precious gemstones, crystals,and the seven chakras, how they are interlinked and act accordingly to energize, purify and recharge one’s body, mind and soul with effective yoga, meditation and manifestation? If you have any queries related to their function or usage, please visit any professional healer who has been helping many to overcome their problem with best stones and crystals that suit with your zodiac sign to benefit them to relieve stress and pain in their life.

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