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First, sit down. First rest. But today, if you want to stay mentally fit into old age, you have to keep moving in every way. It is about turning to live with all its sunny and dark sides. With evolvhealth you can find the best deal now.

Playing memory or chess: king, queen, runners and Co

Playing chess challenges the brain cells and is fun. You can still learn it in old age and, if necessary, invite someone to play regularly. An alternative to chess: playing memory, and thus training your memory.


Even in old age, it is not too late for this, even for lifelong fitness grouches provided the family doctor has no objection. Local gymnastics and sports clubs offer special courses for seniors. Last but not least, physical exercise ensures that the brain is well supplied with oxygen.

Complete memory training:

Crossword puzzles or Sudoku are not enough for real brain training. Because the same thought patterns are always used, it explains the Federal Association of Senior Citizens’ Organizations. It is better to do proper memory training. Corresponding courses are offered, for example, by senior citizens’ clubs or adult education centers. The brain is constantly challenged and varied. “If the brain reacts flexibly, it can build new branches to the nerve cells.



Moving rhythmically with music, looking into your partner’s eyes and smiling dancing is good for you. The movements require concentration and good coordination. This has a positive effect on short-term memory and the pace of reaction. In addition, dancers stabilize their balance and reduce their risk of falling. And: When dancing, seniors are among like-minded people, socializing increases the joy and mental strength

Meeting friends:

It is a real fountain of youth to maintain social contacts on a regular basis. That protects against loneliness. Meetings or phone calls with family members are just as important as with friends and acquaintances or neighbors. New contacts in old age are also possible and important for example, by volunteering or visiting a senior meeting.

Go shopping every day:

If you are a senior in the supermarket every day, you keep fit physically and mentally. In addition to the movement, you have to orientate yourself in business and compare prices. Another positive effect of going shopping: You meet neighbors or acquaintances and exchange ideas.

Be open to new things:

An actively designed everyday life ensures mental fitness. This works even better if seniors are always open to new things. Does the grandson want to show you how to record a video with your smartphone? Go ahead you learn something new and also have fun doing it. It is also positive for mental fitness to take care of others because if you do that, you have to plan, organize and turn.

Good nutrition:

The ten rules of the Society for Nutrition provide guidance for this. They recommend a varied, predominantly vegetable diet with lots of fruit and whole grains. The daily menu includes milk and milk products, fishes once a week and a maximum of two servings of meat per week. Vegetable fats such as rapeseed and olive oil are preferable to animal fats.

Write down memories:

Whoever sits down and records his memoirs must remember and then put the results into words. That keeps you mentally fit and your grandchildren will thank you. After all, such memories of grandma and grandpa are an important part of family history.

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