The microelement flooring has the power to impress everyone through its expressive look


The carrcrete allows the designer for creating a concrete aesthetic. This would act as a cement based coating that could be applied for the thin range of the different surface and it includes up until the tiles and wood. In addition to that it also gives a look and feels for the concrete that too at the half portion of the cost and weight of the real concrete.


The material would be anti-slop and it is a mold free that acts as a fantastic choice that can be suited for the floor surface that sets both inside and outside.

  • It acts as the best suit for the bathrooms.
  • Even it can be fitted inside the kitchen considering its hygienic process.
  • After fitting them, you can able to get the stain-free

You can able to find out the micro cement that have been available in the convenient one component which has been pre-packed up and mixed which would make your work more easier. Even there is no need for you to take any risk in mixing up the pre-packed micro cement because you can mix them with your hand normally. Through doing as like this the human error can be prevented.

The other advantages of using the microelement

The microelement would initially develop for reducing up the demand of the water when compared to the other conventional concrete. As this result is would be easy for using and it has the ability for adheres to the other type of materials. In this case, there is no need for pumping that would reduce up the high level of the application cost.

The calcrete has the power to dry up quickly which has been designed up those wanting for redecorating at their home surface options which cause up the minimal disruptions. Even though it dries up on time, the resultant surface would be more consistent that would have the controlled quality.

  • The decoration coatings that have been done would make others fall in love with it.
  • This material is water proof and it is durable, waterproof and it is non-slip.
  • It has the features of the anti-stain properties that would come from the last layer which have been applied.
  • You can make use of it on anywhere inside your house even you can utilize them in your dining hall and in the important places where you feel that should be kept neat.
  • The other benefit is that when you like to install it there, it does not require for you to remove up the existing floor that is present.
  • When you consider the value there the material acts as one of the best options in soils with the cement base as like the straightening.
  • The most interesting news is that once after fitting them on the floor then you don’t want to worry thinking about anything it is because it is easy for you to maintain and keep clean always.

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