The Children and Their Entertainment

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Holidays are a highly anticipated time for children. However, many times this period can be a challenge for parents, who question how to keep active and entertain children during those weeks. According to experts, the key is not to be afraid of being bored, since it is an opportunity to foster creativity and autonomy. The use of the con heo dat song is an important option here.

The Family for You

Given that the family is changing and every day there are more women who join the workforce. Not all children have the opportunity to spend vacations with their parents.

con heo dat

This generates concern and feeling of guilt in some adults, but do not despair, because there are excellent alternatives for the little ones to have a good time and develop their creativity during this time.

  • “The most important thing is to value children’s boredom as an opportunity since from this seemingly negative situation, it is possible to foster their creativity and autonomy.
  • We need to take advantage of this time so that children can play freely and invent new situations.

For this to happen, we must offer them opportunities for autonomy and spaces to create. Keep in mind that boredom can be the starting point for creation. Next, the education expert gives us a series of recommendations so that parents can enhance their children’s entertainment at home during the summer.

Take advantage of disposable materials

Collect boxes of cereals, milk, shoes or others, to invite them to build something they can think of, such as a robot or a spaceship. Then they can paint them and pet accessories such as buttons or wool. The idea of ​​doing this is that they can entertain themselves with simple elements and also take their imagination to a place without limits.

Discover the world of insects

For children to be connected with nature, it is to take them outside to look for insects that they can take and appreciate. Hopefully, they can have a magnifying glass so they can look closely and if they want to keep the bugs, they can make a homemade insectarium with a plastic bottle.

Create natural collections

It consists in valuing the children’s own initiative to take elements of nature and collect them. To promote it, it is positive to invite them to search by type, for example, collections of leaves, barks, pebbles.

Give them challenges and encourage them to face them

It is a contribution to children’s entertainment and creativity to invite them to challenge themselves. For example: “you would like to modify your piece, why don’t you draw a picture of how you imagine it? And when we come back we discuss it together”, “on this wall we pasted wrapping paper so you can draw what you would like us to do together at the weekend”.

Water games

Water is the favorite element of children, so giving them the opportunity to play with water is at this time a good opportunity to stay entertained and experience.

Invite them to cook simple recipes

It is also an experience valued by children to be able to “cook” and see how they do they transform the elements they use. They can prepare for example entertaining sandwich, ice cream or fruit juices/smoothies, colorful salads, sweet balls.

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