Perfect Homes and Perfect Real Estates: The Choices You Make

homes for sale in Atlanta GA

Select the area you want to buy the property. Determine the price you can pay and do market research in that area to see the average prices. It is important to know that many times the price of a property is higher than the actual price. It has been shown in everyday practice that real opportunities are scarce and in case you are waiting to find the great opportunity you may not be able to find what you want for it seek to find a property that will meet your housing or professional needs and will meet its commercial value without being overvalued. It is, therefore, useful to consult a Real Estate Agent so that you can take advantage of the market research conclusions that he or she is making on a daily basis. With the homes for sale in Atlanta GA you can look for new options.

homes for sale in Atlanta GA

Legal Factors

Be aware of the extra, in addition to the real estate price, Lawyer, Notary and Transfer Tax so you don’t get in a difficult position if you incur expenses that you would not calculate. Also, know about the Purchase Process.

  • Find out about planned projects in the area with a visit to town planning. If the projects are aimed at rebuilding the area and are going to be done relatively soon, then your property will gain good value so it will be in your favor. But if the projects are aimed at correcting traffic interference, for example, by creating roads or bridges, one-way lanes near your property then the future downgrading of the area will also affect the resale value of your property and you should take that into account
  • Ask for a detailed review of Property Titles, which is the most important step in the real estate purchase process and essentially free you from serious future problems that may arise. Our Legal Advice section is available to you freely
  • Consult a Civil Engineer for technical inspections of the property to identify any frauds, problems or problems that may arise.

If you are buying an apartment, ask for the apartment’s regulation from the real estate agency. It may impose restrictions on the use of apartments or communal spaces, and its maintenance is mandatory for new owners.

Particular Properties

In case of purchase of unfinished property, calculate the cost of completion with the assistance of an engineer or our technical department. The overall cost of buying the property may be higher than if you had originally built it. Also, calculate any increase in the cost of completion if the property is located somewhere far away or in a remote area. Our real estate agency in case of unfinished or in need of repairs always has ready cost-repair studies.

If you are buying property near a historical site or suspecting ancient finds, ask the Archaeological Service for a review and find out where the archaeological site is located. If there are findings in the foundation, the work stops immediately and you may be involved in very time consuming and damaging processes.

  • Caution is needed in buying real estate in areas where land is mixed. In these cases, you need to know what can be built there. Go to the Town Planning area.

In case of purchasing a plot “outside the city plan”, be sure to ask the Town Planning for information on the building conditions. Plots have been bought which later proved to be much smaller than originally expected … If you want to purchase a and this is in your mind then make sure to learn by comparing the money that you will be worth the value of the property and if you make the decision to build an arbitrary building takes into account the costs and risks that this action will have.

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