Immigration Lawyers London

immigration solicitors in london

Reiss Edwards is a company, which has a large team of expert lawyers. The company provides business immigration, which includes tier 1 and tier 2-visa applications. The office of the company is situated nearby Chancery-lane. The services provided by the company are reliable and affordable.

UK Immigration Solicitors

The immigration solicitors in London are top-ranked and provide good services to the clients. The company has experience of 40 years in nationality, human rights, and immigration law. The main aim of the company is to accept the cases and win it successfully to satisfy the clients. The rate of fighting the case is affordable. The immigration lawyers and immigration solicitors in london deal with many types of cases, which include appeals and refusals, spouse visas, judicial review, work permit visa, and many others.

immigration solicitors in london

The lawyers help those persons who are settled in the UK to bring their spouse overseas to the UK. They help in providing residence permit and permanent residence. The lawyers are expert and have the knowledge and experience which they use to help their clients to complete their applications successfully.

Responsibilities of the lawyers

The responsibilities of the lawyers in dealing with their clients are as follows.


The lawyers of the company are client-centric. They do their job dedicatedly to win the client’s case. They start their job from the initial call and then consult with the client about his case. After that, the entire process of the case starts, and the lawyers do their utmost to win the case.

Immigration law specialists

The lawyers must know the immigration law then only they can handle the cases of their clients. The cases can be simple or complex, but this knowledge will help the lawyers to fight the cases easily.

Duties of the lawyers

The lawyers perform following duties to help their clients regarding the immigration of their overseas workers and also the relatives and family members.

Business immigration

Another job of the lawyers is to help the businesses and employers to recruit the workers overseas. Sponsorship certificates need to be obtained, and then they are assigned to the workers. After that, the tier 2 visa applications are made. The lawyers deal with many business clients and resolve the immigration issues of their workers.

Individual Immigration

The lawyers also deal with the immigration issues of individuals. The clients get in touch with the lawyers over the phone. Dealing on the phone does not have any charges. The lawyer provides this free service to know whether the client has a case or not. Dealing on the phone also helps the client to get in touch with the lawyer and ask questions to know whether the lawyer can help him or not.

The services provided by the lawyers to the individuals are

  • Tier 1 investor visas, entrepreneur visas, exceptional talent visas, and graduate entrepreneur visas
  • Tier 2 skilled employment visas
  • British citizenship
  • Visas for family and dependents

Wrapping Up

These are some of the services provided by the lawyers to their clients. The main job of the lawyers is to make their clients happy by providing them excellent services and advice.


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