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Hitachi miter saw reviews

Miter saw is typically used to make picture frames, door frames, house interior furniture, and outdoor furniture as well. If you need a miter saw for any project work personally or professionally then you should know that it can use for many processes like trim, cutting and variety of jobs. Hitachi miter saw reviews for better product deals

Hitachi miter saw reviews

There are many brands in the market which manufacture miter saw tool and they give cuts with perfect precision in different angles as required for the project. Hitachi is one of the brands which manufacture different types of miter saw like sliding compound miter saw, power miter saw, power compound miter saw and many. Buyer has to check the blades size also before purchasing the tool, this brand has different sizes of saw blades of the miter saw like 10inch and 12inch. Blades plays a very important role in the miter saw as it totally depends on blades that how much long or deep cut it can give to the workpiece.

As per the blades size of Hitachi miter saw, they can

  • Hitachi C10FSB Miter Saw


  • Hitachi C12SH2 Miter saw 

Hitachi C10FSB Miter Saw is a dual bevel compound miter saw. It has a 10inch blade of saw that gives a fine cut to the job, provides a motor power of 12amp with 3800RPM speed, a dust bag, a TCT saw blade and a box wrench. It weighs 43 pounds which gives a positive point as it can be easy to transport and easy to maneuver the unit with comfort. Beginners can select this miter saw as it is very easy to handle and operate, it can be used for homemade furniture as it gives smooth and clean operation. It has been designed with positive stops in both the left and right direction at the most common of angles, namely 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6 and 45 degrees.


This miter saw gives a soft start so a person who is handling the tool does not get a jerk while starting the tool cutting. This Miter saw comes with a five years warranty on the overall unit. The stock blades could be better. Hitachi C10FSB Miter Saw sells on the market with the best price at $349.

Hitachi C12SH2 Miter saw is a dual bevel miter saw, which based on sliding compound. It has a 12inch blade of saw that allows giving a big cut to the workpiece, sometimes we need to give a long and perfectly precise cut to the workpiece of the project as per the design. It has a fixed rail setup on which the head of the saw slides smoothly. It is the perfect tool for beginners, this saw is generally used for making DIY things like tea table, cabinets, showcase, other furniture. It provides great motor power of 15amp, easy to handle, it takes very small space for installment.

This saw comes with five years of manufacturing warranty. It does not have any knob adjusting feature for bevel and miter, which create difficulty in cutting as it is restricted to move to the right. It comes with the best price of $568.96.

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