How to build an ASIC do it yourself

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Asia is a compact computer, which is sharpened by Hashes. This device is one of the most profitable options for the extraction of cryptocurrency. Choosing the best ASIC for mining, you need to focus on parameters such as the speed of mining cryptocurrency, power consumption, pay off. Consider the rating of ASIC for mining in 2018. Even when you go for the hummer miner mars h1 then you will have the perfect options there.

What you need to build an ASIC Miner

You can assemble an ASIC-miner yourself if you have the appropriate knowledge in the field of programming, radio engineering, and electronics. To build ASIC you need to purchase:

  • Microcircuit;
  • Software;
  • Power Supply;
  • Cooling system.

Chip for ASIC Miner

The acquisition of a chip for an ASIC miner can cause some difficulties since in the post-Soviet space these boards do not produce. You can buy a chip for assembling ASIC abroad or with hands.

Software for ASIC-miner

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The vast majority of manufacturers of equipment for mining independently write programs for their products, and some chips are sold without the appropriate software. Therefore, before starting to build ASIC, you need to make sure that there are no problems with the software for the board.

ASIC miner power

The ASIC miner requires a special power supply since it needs a lot more power than ordinary GPU farms. ASIC miners consume several times more energy than a regular computer.

ASIC miner cooling system

The ASIC miner housing must be equipped with a powerful cooling system. In the process, the miner is very hot and if it is not cooled, it will burn. When installing the cooling system it is necessary to ensure the free movement of air in the housing.

Actual models for 2018

Leading manufacturers, such as Bitmain or Baikal, supply fully configured devices that only need to be connected to the Internet. Therefore, we will not go into the technical details and immediately show the best ASIC mining cryptocurrency for the main algorithms.

SHA-256 (Bitcoin)

Despite the huge Chinese factories, the best ASIC mining Bitcoins provide an opportunity to make money and the average user. As of April 2018, the monthly income of Ebang E10.1 is $ 280-300, which, even if the current rate is maintained, provides a payback of 7-8 months.

Script (Litecoin)

Available for mining coins based on Script, such as MegaCoin and DigiByte. From the point of view of proven solutions, AntMiner is recommended, and if you want to get a quick payback, choose BW-L21.

X11 (Dash)

The algorithm does not require large amounts of electricity, so even high-speed Pineda consumes less than a kilowatt per hour. Payback within 9-11 months, the exchange rate is stable with no signs of decline.

A few words about other algorithms: New minions for mining Ethereum and Monero (CryproNight protocol) have been announced, even photos of future devices from “reliable sources” are published. At the same time, no technical characteristics are published and this is not surprising since both currencies are oriented exclusively on the GPU and intend to modify the algorithm after the next ASIC.

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