How a car senses before it hits any object by sensors?

kia fort myers

Kia Motors are a Korean company. In Korea, Hyundai is the first largest car manufacturing industry and now Kia is the second-largest automobile industry on the south side. In a very short time, it crosses its sale of 3 million vehicles in 2019. Every Kia cars are designed as automatic functioning cars. They serve the best for their customers until 75 years. As per the customer’s review, many have said that Kia cars are most comfortable for driving and also for the passengers. It has a very strong metal surface so the car met with an accident it affects more the driver and the traveller. It looks like a luxurious model car at less cost. As per Indian cost normal Kia car with petrol engine costs 9 lakh and if it is a diesel engine it costs up to 15 lakh. kia fort myers  has its headquarters in South Korea and till now they have launched only 16 variants in India. The only car industry which got a good response from their customers at the beginning is Kia.

kia fort myers

Some gestures like sensors, airbags, and cameras are kept only in high rate luxurious cars. And now Kia type cars also have sensors, 360-degree cameras, with wide space in it.

How do the sensors work?

Normally, a sensor senses the receptive Analog signal. There are many types of sensors among those some sensors are rain sensor or weather sensor, MAF sensor which means, engine speed up sensor, oxygen sensor, spark sensor, pressure sensor, detecting fuel temperature sensor, voltage sensor, avoiding crash sensor, footrest sensor, controlling wheel speed sensor, etc… these are some types sensors that are commonly used in every car. Every sensor will do only the particular work like the analog sensor will only sense the heat and will not do other works.


Actuators are hydraulic components that are under the sensor’s output. Once the sensor senses the object, actuators are used to activate the hydraulic component it also may be the stepper motor. But only the applications orient to the particular operation. Without the help of an actuator, a sensor cannot do its work.

I think that we all know about ECU which comes in the middle of the sensor and actuator. ECU is used to evaluate the information provided by the sensor. Once the information is received to the ECU it is then sent to the actuator.

The actuator is always kept in an open-loop when the ECU sends the information to activate the actuator at that time the circuit is to close by this the operation begins. This is the step by step process that how the sensors work in every car.

The sensors are not only used in cars they are also used in shops, machines, instruments, hospitals, etc…

you can see in some shops they have automatic doors they are function will the help of sensors. And now in this growing generation street lights also gets on and off automatically with the help of sensors. And in surgery time sensor helps to detect the accurate place to operate in the human body.

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