Do’s And Don’ts’s While Organizing Hen Parties

hen party ideas

While organizing hen parties bridesmaids have to keep certain things in mind.  They should know what are the things to be done and what are the things not to be done. There are certain do’s and don’ts’s to be followed to make the party more successful.  Sharing these tips with the fellow bridesmaids will enable the planning quite easy.  While creating the hen party ideas the bridesmaids have to follow the tips to make sure all goes well and smoothly.

hen party ideas

Check the guest list from the bride:  Giving surprise to the bride is essential however it is crucial to check about the guest list with the bride. Check who is most important and deserve an invitation. Don’t risk to invite too many individuals without prior permission from her.  Apart from that consider the comfortness of the bride. Check with her what are the fun games she is interested in.  Check the attendees. When the bride’s mom, aunties and in laws are attending the hen party they must be kept in mind as well. The activities must be planned accordingly.  Don’t plan any activity keeping the young generation in mind.

Keep informed: The date of the big event must be informed to most important people in advance so that they can make their presence at the party. Due to the busy schedule people may miss out the important event due to lack of time. So keep them updated on advance and let them save the date so that they can make their arrangements perfectly. Make sure that you monitor the budget and keep the cost as low as possible.

Create WhatsApp group: The most simple and easiest way to communicate with the friends and family can be done by creating WhatsApp group. Communication can be sent to everyone. Live updates can be sent through WhatsApp. The messages must be sent in minimum. Don’t send too many messages.

Dress code : Dress code and theme  can be created to make the group to mix and make the event great success. The dress code might be simple as selecting the same color theme or choosing same lipstick. They have to be creative while planning the dress code for the hen parties to make the event great success.

The bridesmaids who are planning the hen parties have to put some extra time and efforts for the invitation. There are websites which offer templates for free and people can make use of it for designing the invitation. Invitations speaks about the worth of the event to be conducted. So time must be spent more on the invitation.

Don’t: The bride must not be let into everything as it is planned as a surprise for her it is better to keep certain things away from her as a surprise. The most important thing to be reminded is don’t plan the date too close to the wedding. Plan it at least two months well in advance. This will help to avoid any blocks in bride schedule. The bridesmaids can sometimes spare some time for the attendees to boost up their lost energy. Guest have paid the cost to attend the event. Extra money must not be expected from the guests. The bridesmaids who are planning the event must not blackout from spending extra money.

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