Different types of contact lenses

cheap colored contacts

Contact lenses are these days used by everyone with or without eye problem. It is considered a fashion statement as well. These lenses are designed according to the need and requirement of the customer. The contact lens which is disposed of daily basis is designed completely for the activity of the discarding of every single usage. The cheap colored contacts are of typically of only thirty lenses subjected to the sales under retailer. The price which is imposed on the contact lens is about twenty to thirty dollars of a single box. Using the disposal kind of the contact lens about the estimation of the lens for daily purpose and quoted up to four hundred to seven hundred dollars. These estimations are on the basis of yearly per person and the number of boxes contains the lens per year are five to six boxes. The cost which is over all and is cleared to a dollar or sometimes it is very less.

cheap colored contacts

The lens made of silicone hydrogel:

The contact lens made of silicone hydrogel can be wearable up to thirty days only. If the lens is of used or need some extensions of twelve months. The imposed price will be of two fifty dollars to three hundred dollars per year. The normal cost maybe fifty to seventy lens per box and the candidates need five to six boxes. There will some advantages for those who have to wear these lenses during the period of thirty days. The candidates are almost eligible for the lens with their cost along with the storing solutions too. There is some multipurpose lens of contacts whatever are completely handy and if their lens is subjected to any kind of damage or dirt. There will be a period of warranty within the specified period issued by the manufacturers. The latest contact lens made by the gas and related needs some permeable for making the rigid contact lens.

These are made custom about the need of the patient. Why because the gas-based lens is not produced in mass like the contacts of the softs. These contacts lens is extremely expensive when compared to the other lens which is soft. The gas lens is also known as the GP lens and needs only a solo pair for the entire year. The life of the lens is lengthy comparing to the other lens. The patients can ask their consulting doctor about the cost of this lens. The contact lens comes under the customs are manufactured and available in both the soft lens and the gas permeable materials. The prescribed gas permeable contact lens is specially designed for vision correction and related problems. The lens whatever comes under the type of the custom lens is costlier than these gasses permeable lens also.

Consultation of the physician is must before fixing lens:

People have to follow certain rules when considering eye problems, they have to be particular about their eyes. Apart from having the spectacles for viewing the objects clearly the advancement for vision is the launching of the contact lens. There is some range in eyesight, for more information regarding this they need to consult their physicians for best suggestions.

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