Dampfkessel, the german Steam Boilers

Kesselsteuerung für Dampfkessel

A vessel could be a closed, heated pressure vessel or a pressure pipe system that’s accustomed generate vapour at a pressure above gas pressure (p> one.013 bar absolute) or plight at temperatures on top of a hundred ° C for heating and in operation functions. Refer to Kesselsteuerung für Dampfkessel for more details.

If the vessel is employed to get steam, it’s known as a steam generator. counting on the utilization of steam, saturated steam, or superheated steam is generated in a very vessel. Visit Kesselsteuerung für Dampfkessel for controls.


The size of steam boilers is wide. It ranges from tiny steam boilers within the social unit (steam cleaner, steam iron) and in rattling boats to tower steam boilers in steam power plants with a height of up to a hundred and fifty-five m with a steam output of up to 3600 t / h. For example, the scale of the fashionable, lignite-fueled Block K of the Niederaussem power station ar :

168 m boiler house height,

2620 heaps of steam per hour,

The thermal output of 2306  MW,

fuel consumption of 847 t per hour,

with style parameters 274 bar and 580 ° C ( steam ) or 600 ° C ( secondary steam once reheater).

Closed vessel or arrangement of vessels and tubes, alongside a chamber or alternative heat supply, during which steam or alternative vapour is generated from water to drive turbines or engines, provide heat, method sure materials, etc.Compare fire-tube boiler, water-tube boiler.

a vessel, as a kettle, for boiling or heating.

British. an oversized tub during which laundry is stewed or sterilized.

a tank during which water is heated and hold on, as for provision predicament.

Types of Boiler and Classifications of Boiler:

There square measure following Boilers Types:

  1. in step with the position of water and hot gasses

Fire Tube Boiler

Water Tube Boiler

  1. in step with Axis of Shell

Horizontal Boiler

Vertical Boiler

  1. in step with the position of the boiler

External pink-slipped Boiler

Internally pink-slipped Boiler

  1. in step with the pressure

Low-Pressure Boiler

High-Pressure Boiler

  1. in step with the tactic of circulation

Natural Circulation Boiler

forced Circulation Boiler

  1. in step with the use of boilers

Mobile Boiler

Stationary Boiler

  1. in step with drums

Single drum Boiler

Multi drum Boiler

  1. in step with the character of drought

Forced drought Boiler

Natural drought Boiler

  1. in step with chamber

Single chamber Boiler

Dual-chamber Boiler

  1. in step with fuel firing

Solid fuel-fired Boiler

Liquid fuel-fired Boiler

Gaseous fuel-fired Boiler

Combination Boiler System

Electric Boiler

High-Pressure Boiler

Hot Air Boiler

Husk pink-slipped Boiler

Oil pink-slipped Boiler

WHRB Boiler

Boiler Fuel varieties

Boiler Furnaces compatible with following forms of Fuels

Boiler Solid Fuels




Pet Coke

Rice Husk

Boiler Liquid Fuel


Furnace oil

Boiler vaporized Fuels



PNG is wont to do the combustion for a selected purpose.

Components of a Boiler Systems

Boiler style is created of three main components–

Feedwater system

Kesselsteuerung für Dampfkessel

Steam system

Fuel system

  1. Boiler Feedwater System

Water that converts into steam by steam boilers system referred to as Feedwater & system that regulates feed water referred to as Feedwater system.

There square measure 2 forms of feedwater systems in boilers:

Open feed System

Closed feed system

There square measure 2 main sources of feed water:

Condensed steam came from the processes

Raw water organized from outside the boilers plant processes ( Called: Makeup Water)

  1. Boiler Steam System

Steam System could be a reasonably main dominant system of boilers method. Steam Systems square measure accountable to gather & management all generated steam within the method.

Steam systems send steam generated within the method to the purpose of use through pipes ( piping system). Throughout the method, steam pressure is controlled and controlled with the assistance of boilers system elements like valves, steam pressure gauges, etc.

  1. Boilers equipment

Fueling is that the heart of boilers method & equipment consists of all the mandatory elements and instrumentation to feed fuel to come up with the desired heat. The instrumentation needed within the equipment depends on the kind of fuel utilized in the system.

Boiler Applications

The Boilers have an awfully wide application in several industries like

Power Sector



Food process trade


Sugar Plants

Thermal Power Plants

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