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make storybook

Few centuries ago it was very difficult to create or make a book online or publish a book online because at that time there was a lack of technologies and book creation software’s or book creation tool but now a days it’s very easy to create a book online and publish it. There are many make storybook websites or book creation tool to publish a book online after creating it.

It just need a good communication, grammar, knowledge about a topic and contain with all Microsoft office knowledge so that one can type and give proper font and alignment to text and pages respectively. So here I am going to create a book for my children by using book creation tool. Most likely I want to create some story book for my children with good moral and scientific knowledge so, that can be helpful for me to adding positivity and technical knowledge to my children.

make storybook

First of all I have gone through all book creating tool and I had found one which is useful for me to create book. I have gathered all material regarding book creation like text, images, audios and videos to create a simply best book. On the other hand I have collected all interactive stories, digital portfolios, poetry book, comic adventure, scientific details and many more.

How do we get started?

Creating a book starts with the cover page selection, one should choose the shape of book and its font should be italic or not, but shape of the book is totally depend on the topic of the book for e.g.: If someone want to make a sketch book then they can go with landscape style or if one is making science related book then go with square or portrait style.

The next step is to create a cover page of book by adding a text on it and add splashes of colors and a beautiful picture in it or can use to different types of paper, variety of borders with the comics design, by using pattern and textures the cover page can be.

There is a button on the top corner of left side from where one can add pages to their book and can give any type of design or page type by the same style they do previously for the cover page. Just write down the content to all the pages with proper alignment, font n color, size and spacing. Once done with all content writing and adding of images or comic to the pages, after that one can publish a book by clicking the play symbol button on the top of right side.

Now I can read my book and others also can read it. There is edit button on the top of the left side, so that you can edit the pages and correct whatever mistake is there or can add some more stuff to your book.

A fun way to start with Book Creator is to create a simple book by adding some funny pics or comic with a story in it.

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