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You could say that the restaurant service is perfect when the customer is completely satisfied with the establishment. How often is the case with you? All told, getting flawless operation every day to all of your departments is a complex challenge, but not impossible. One day, it is a supplier who loses you, and impacts the briefing; another day, one of your servers gets sick or a product gets damaged. However, the important thing is that customers can have a good experience whatever the unexpected. The use of the same comes with the visit to .

The secrets of perfect restaurant service

To start the first exercise is to put you in the shoes of a client, something that we advise to always do:

Enter your establishment as if it were another restaurant and ask yourself what your minimum service requirements would be and write them down. Chances are you are putting the following things on your list:

  • You are welcomed upon entering.
  • We will quickly assign you a table.
  • We place you in a correct and comfortable place.
  • You are surrounded by pleasant odors, temperature, music and lighting or in any case that does not bother you.
  • We quickly give you the menu or the menu.
  • The prices displayed are correct.
  • You are assisted by a waiter who explains the offer well and helps you in your decision.
  • The waiter gives you time to choose.
  • You have all the basic utensils and food without having to ask for them (towels, cutlery, bread, water, etc.).
  • Your drinks are served to you in the correct time.
  • Taking your order is quick.
  • The establishment offers a free Wi-Fi connection.
  • Your dishes are served to you on time, at the right temperature and in the quantities indicated. They must be tasty and filling.
  • The interval between dishes is more or less the same.
  • The toilets are easy to access; they are clean and have all the necessary accessories.
  • The hygienic conditions are optimal.
  • The staff is attentive to your requests at all times.
  • You can finish your meal without being put under pressure.
  • We bring you the bill quickly by offering you different means of payment.
  • The same cordiality as on arrival accompanies your departure, without setbacks.

This exercise allows you to know the characteristics of the fundamentals of the service in your establishment, and the actions necessary to obtain these results on a daily basis. If you start on these bases, your restaurant will already have a good head start.

The secrets of perfect restaurant service

Second, the ideal is to define at least 3 types of services to be ready to satisfy different types of customers.

Service protocol for families with children:

  • Provide special chairs.
  • Have a menu designed for families.
  • The servers must be able to be more patient than usual with these customers and behave with them in a special way.
  • The kitchen must give priority to children’s dishes.
  • The kitchen must accept to be flexible in the event of changes in dishes.

Service for large groups:

  • A server must take care of the group’s needs since the number of people is higher than usual.
  • The group leader must be identified so that it is possible to deal with the group in a more orderly manner.

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