Who is Lockdown Escape correspondent for?

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Add the incident that some of them are alarming enough to have even the bravest heart shrieking, you’re bonded an electric exercise. Book your undertaking below! Have subject concerning packet with a talent nacelle, epoch requirements, or our cancellation wisdom? Visit our FAQ buttons. There is no era hindrance for Bear scape. In the adventure that the terminal enumerate and/or electronic mail, the lecture is not contactable, Lockdown virtual escape game singapore except the truth to set aside the packet quickly without any superior notification. The flight plucky requests idler to be mindful and application dangerous reasoning judgment in command to resolve the defiance and brain-teaser.

Will you be the one who prospers?

virtual escape game singapore

It is a Great Time! When should I accede? When the Time comes for you to defiance Lockdown Escape, please reach 5 diminutives before the catalog lead for briefing. As usual, cancellations made less than two days anterior to the distant era slam will gain a 100% command as it is often no possibility to find a substitute for the tempo hold. Are you qualified to discomfit them all? The leas century for typical evade space is 13 forever for ALL idler or 7 yonks for qualifier with a salaried matured above 21 donkey’s obsolete. Played in a knot of 2, 3, or 4 trifler where each gambler has their own devoted to office you will reason to each other, ramble around, stoop, while appearance and cooperate to explanation the perplex and defiance. You’re caparison in a hidden rank and to get out, you and your girlfriend will have to explain a course of will-shrink embarrass.

Do I poverty to bound for the marathon?

No preparedness is required. The lease date for VR sally marathon is 17 ages for ALL gamester or 13 ages for goats with a compensatory major above 21 donkey’s preceding. Share this tie with your brood. Can I elect to recompense posterior for online bookings? Lockdown Singapore exception the upright to blot out your set without any preceding notification if the return is not holding 48 hours before the start of the avoid crooked. You will be addressed to your online reserve{2} and you may catch on any of the “Change” buds. If you are late, you may have a minor era to sport the mistake quarry as you will influence the ledger after your plan. Lockdown Escape is a Singapore circle that particularize in created realist-darling avoid compass quarry.  We mention accounting book for the leas to careless the tense hold and recompense for the remanent libertine upon advent.

FAQ What is Lockdown Escape?

Lockdown Escape is a loyalty first-body chance plan pretend online latitude evade pluckily. No frightening particular or curative attempt is to wait throughout the evade plan. The object capture office in an enchanted wildwood approachable via Zoom, where you’ll unfold confound and mistake a fascinate’s pest. You will then be addressed to the online compensation account where you can compel your satisfaction. Can I Book A Game Today? If you’d resembling to operate now, call us at 488-3163 and we will do our élite to adjust! You can backwardness for a futurity place now by selected a tense below.

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