What Makes the SIM Card Choices So Important Now

Israel sim card

Currently, it is already possible to find smartphones with 1 TB of internal memory space like the new Galaxy S10 +, but most models come with 16 GB or 32 GB of storage, and part of this space is occupied by the operating system. And if you like to fill your device with photos, videos and games, you may have noticed that the rest of you go away quickly and now, what to do? This is the same when it comes to the Israel sim card .

A quick easy and inexpensive solution is, besides doing general cleaning and throwing away useless files, invests in a good micro SD card to add a few extra gigabytes to your smartphone. But with so many models of different brands and capacities, how do you know which is the best? That’s why we created this guide with tips, offers and useful information for you who are looking for a good memory card for your Android.

The downside of micro SD cards

Most smartphones with the exception of the iPhone and some “High-End” Android have a slot for micro SD cards, and many accept cards up to 512 GB, which already far exceeds the needs of most users. However, what do we need to know before we buy a MicroSD card? Which model is right for your user profile? See now the answer to these and other questions.

Israel sim card

Is my device compatible with MicroSD cards?

Most smartphones accept memory cards, however, there are some models especially the top of the line ones that already have a lot of internal memory that gave up this function. To make sure that your device has a card slot, do the following:

  • Analyze your cell phone and look for the SD or MicroSD inscription next to any slot or hatch. It indicates where your device’s memory card slot is.
  • Consult the manual and see if it has a section on memory cards. There, it will show you where the entry is, how to insert a card and what types of cards are accepted.
  • See the manufacturer’s website for the technical specifications of your device. They inform the existence or not of a slot for microSD cards.
  • Check out specialized sites, such as AndroidPIT. We always keep the technical data sheets of Brazilian and foreign cell phones.

Some dual-SIM smartphones have hybrid slots, that is, either you can use either two SIM Cards for telephony, or a SIM Card and a micro SD card. Consult the manual of your device to know which of the slots the hybrid is and how to position the card.

MicroSD cards can be classified according to their storage capacity and transmission speed. Cards classified only as SD acronym for Secure Digital have capacities ranging from 1 MB to 4 GB. Nowadays you will hardly find them in stores, but you may have better luck at the bottom of a drawer or inside an old gadget.

SDHC Secure Digital High Capacity cards have models ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB and are the most popular because they offer good capacity and low cost. SDXC Secure Digital Extended Capacity ranges from 64 GB to 2 TB. In turn, SDUC Secure Digital Ultra Capacity cards can reach up to 128 TB.

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