What job in enterprise renovation?

entreprise de renovation

Versatile, he carries out the structural work on new and old constructions:

The mason is the first trade to intervene on a construction site after the navy prepares the ground. From the individual house to the stadium, from the construction of a building to the renovation of a castle, from swimming pools to monuments. Many of the functions are the entreprise de renovation carrying out the establishment of the buildings according to the indications of the surveyor. He carries out masonry work based on oral or written instructions. His work follows the work of the navy who prepared the ground and the earthworks.

First, to intervene in construction, the mason puts in place the building:

He assembles walls of bricks, stones or concrete blocks or internal partitions using maneuvering machines, he installs prefabricated panels or window blocks with mortars, and he then applies the coatings to the walls. The mason masters the manufacture of the elements used to maintain or decorate the envelope of the building. Endowed with good physical condition carrying loads, working outdoors and in all weathers and a sense of balance, the mason demonstrates good organizational and management skills of the building site. Cautious, he scrupulously respects safety rules and knows how to manage his time.

He has team spirit and a sense of responsibility:

entreprise de renovation

He is finally available and adaptable because construction sites can sometimes lead him to travel far from his home, including abroad. After a few years of experience, the mason can become a team leader, site manager or work on his own. Find the complete job description to download at the bottom of this page. The carpenter designs manufacture and installs exterior fittings. He designs carpentry elements to measure or in series. He works at his desk to draw up the plans, in the workshop for the shaping of the structures and on the construction site for their installation. For this, the craftsman uses numerically controlled cutting and assembly machines.

He takes care of their glazing and their closures:

Meticulous and inventive, he is also cautious, respectful of safety rules and instructions, and comfortable in customer relations. Confirmed experience allows you to specialize in a field. Professional in the atmosphere and comfort, the maintenance technician is the specialist in devices that provide air conditioning, heating and ventilation of premises. To obtain the desired temperature or air quality, in buildings as different as housing, performance halls or offices. Ensuring the proper functioning of technical equipment, the technician ensures their maintenance and repairs. Always available, it provides a quick and effective solution to customers who are victims of a breakdown.

His duties are varied and differ depending on where he works:

He can thus carry out feasibility studies, organize and monitor a construction site, carry out tests and commission the equipment or even negotiate contracts. The climate engineering technician manages both electrical, computer and mechanical problems of the heating or air conditioning system. In a design office, he draws very precise plans of the installation to be carried out based on specifications. He chooses the most suitable type of equipment and assesses the energy needs. It checks the conformity of the various elements and their compatibility. He then makes the adjustments and the connection of the installations to the water and electricity pipes.

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