What is asbestos removal? Get Your Answers Straight


Asbestos is a natural mineral aspect of fibrous and structure microcrystalline. It belongs to the chemical class of silicates and to the mineralogical series of serpentine and amphiboles. It is present in nature and is extracted in open-cast mines by means of a grinding process and of low pressure and temperature hydrothermal processes to which the rock is subjected. Visit https://www.asbestosremovalanddemovancouver.com/service-areas/asbestos-removal-richmond/ for more.


Asbestos bonus 2019: tax incentives for asbestos removal

For 2019 there are several deductions and tax breaks that encourage asbestos removal work. In the 2019 stability law we find the 2019 asbestos bonus which, together with other incentives until the end of 2019, tries to solve the Italian problem. We find the incentives for asbestos removal and disposal in the following tax benefits:

  • Eco-bonus: 65% deduction for asbestos and photovoltaic reclamation.
  • Restructuring bonus: 50% deduction for removal, disposal and asbestos encapsulation.
  • Tax credit: 50% for asbestos clearance costs.

In the Eco-bonus area, asbestos and photovoltaic reclamation are encouraged. Replacing asbestos with photovoltaic panels allows you to take advantage of the 65% deduction. As well as replacing a roof with a roof that allows energy to be recovered.

Speaking of asbestos remediation and building renovation, asbestos removal, disposal and encapsulation works are among the interventions with a 50% deduction.

The tax credit for asbestos reclamation has been in force since 2015 with the law Environmental provisions to promote green economy measures and to contain the excessive use of natural resources. The constraint to exploit the 50% tax credit is that the costs of asbestos reclamation exceed $ 20,000.

VAT rate and reverse charge for asbestos removal

Last tax incentives for asbestos removal are:

VAT reduced: it is certainly possible to apply the VAT rate at 10% for reclamation if it is done during ordinary or extraordinary maintenance works such as a renovation.

Reverse charge: the invoice for a remediation intervention cannot be subjected to reverse charge.

Specialized companies in asbestos removal

An important topic is who can make asbestos removal. By law, works must be carried out exclusively by a company specializing in asbestos. These are companies regularly registered in the Environmental register formerly waste category 10, and only they are authorized to carry out these works. The employees of these companies must have a license for asbestos removal to show in case of checks.

Asbestos Remediation Estimate

Do you have any doubts about the possible presence of asbestos in the home? Do you need to do asbestos remediation? Do you want to secure your home or simply do a check?  Ask for a free quote to the best companies specializing in asbestos in your area, have them inspected, given advice on the technique and procedure to be carried out, and compare the various offers before choosing who to entrust with the Benfica work.

How to recognize eternity and asbestos

Could you have asbestos in your home? Is your chimney damaged and could it be eternity? On the roof, you have tanks in the water, but you don’t know if they are in eternity? We try to understand how to recognize eternity and asbestos and what to do to check that you do not have risks. In general, the first thing is to go to an authorized company specializing in asbestos removal, even just to make a risk assessment.

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