Trading is the greatest business in the world

In India they have a very small country in economic wealth and technology develops and we have lots of population in our country in our nation and our country. And India has a lot of facility and infrastructure in our country and nation we have lots of places and investiture in the city and nation and we have many more facilities in our nation have many medical ad well medical facility and medical creating awareness and declaration in our country and we have well nature in the world in the all over the world and we have more job opportunity and offers in all time of the world and we have many imports and exports devices in our country and many more industries’ and factory in our country and so many workers are working our factors and most of the peoples are benefitted in this aetiology and methods and many florin countries are very close in our nation India and our chefs also must close in that country main offer’s also and we have lots of trading and technology in our Indian country trading is the greatest business in the world .and the florin country has many more Infar structures in the world and all over the country and more things in the world in our country.


  • In ferine country’s they have more facilities and more good infrastructure in all the world and technology we more industries and corporate companies in the world and many influences to make anything in the world. and the foreign country has lots of extra facility and product’s in their country and they have lots of trade market and trading method in their country and the foreign country technology improvement was very high and specific because foreign country has a biggest country and ethology example America is the world biggest country in the world they have a very independent country and independent city also they have lots of facility and biggest environmental issues also they have  been controlled in that country population was more higher than the other country in the world  most of other country peoples are  able come America to doing  work because they American government was giving very well salary and production is better than the other country so and all of the peoples are coming to America to doing work for their living and the American’s and we are most different in their activities in their language , dressing sense, and other activities also they are more different in some other countries and the America country peoples are very freedom peoples and do many things in their country and the government was very intelligent and  the country was most famous in corporate companies are many in there that country important the American country was  introduced the corporate company in India and all over the country and government also the government was have been carried up in to many thing in our country and society many of the peoples are able satisfying in there country government and technology and in now a days peoples are very intelligent and very powerfully also they have been do it completely in there home and working places also they do very well practice work.

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