The Finer DVD Duplication As Per Requirement

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It has been available to use now on both Macintosh and PC computers for some time. Computer knowledge to use these programs is minimal thanks to automation, although some offer more control if used manually. You can visit here now and that is the reason that you can have the best deals now.


A ripped DVD stored on a hard disk is free of any wear and tear on its physical counterpart. It can be viewed on the computer’s monitor, and can now also be copied onto a blank DVD for storage, or used to play in a stand-alone DVD player (while the original remains safe).

Calling card considerations

Those looking to rip a DVD must ensure that there is enough space on the hard drive or DVD. If there is not enough space, the ripped disk will have to be compressed (either while ripping or when the copy is made).

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  • the legislation prohibits DVD copying even for personal use, although many DVD owners do so anyway.


  • finds it useful to rip a kid’s DVD. This makes it possible to play on the computer or on a stand-alone DVD player of a copy. Both processes help prevent a new one due to the inevitability of the drive from being damaged by fingerprints or food purchases.

When saving a DVD, a lot of quality is often lost or when compressing you lose all extras, such as the menu, the image formats, multiple audio channels, subtitles and more. With RatDVD you will no longer suffer from that. RatDVD is a handy program to make a copy of a DVD, to backup it or to share it more easily. A DVD is saved in its own .ratDVD format. With a simple click, all those files can be put back on a DVD if you want to play the disc again with your DVD player.RatDVD is free to use and the software is available for Windows.

If you are going to download a film, the quality is not always good and you will miss all the extra parts. On average, the size of a compressed DVD is around 5 GB, too large to easily share with others or to quickly save. DVD ensures that the compressed file is considerably smaller, without losing quality or parts. If you compress a DVD with this program, you will end up with an average file size of 1 to 2 GB, which means that it will take up less space on your hard disk. You then view the film on your computer in the same way as you would with a DVD player, including all functions and components. All components of a DVD are therefore retained. Unfortunately, compressing a protected DVD does not work.

When compressing, RatDVD immediately takes along various meta tags, which contain useful information about a film, such as a title, the director, the cast, the year of release and more. Furthermore, a thumbnail with the cover is also an option. The program obtains the information for all these tags directly from IMDB, one of the largest databases for films and series. Extracting a DVD is also a breeze.

Last Words

After you have started the program, open the desired DVD by selecting the disk of your computer where you inserted the disk. You will then see the menu and all the extras and information from the DVD in the lower-left window and the image at the top can still be played.

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