The Essential Choice for Choosing a Proxy Server


Well, sooner or later it had to happen to deal with the proxy argument. Here you will came to you what proxies are and how to use them.

Programs interposed between a server and a client, acting as a link between the two hosts is known as proxy. It means that they forward requests and responses from one to the other. The client connects to the proxy instead of the server, and sends requests to it. The proxy in turn connects to the server and forwards the client’s request, receives the response and forwards it to the client. Now that you know what a proxy is, let’s figure out why you should use it. With piratebay the options come perfect.

General use of Proxy


In principle, proxies are used to browse anonymously, but this is not the only reason, in fact, proxies are very useful when you want to visit a blocked site, thanks to proxies you can get around the obstacle, because in practice it’s not your computer that makes the request but the proxy that does it for you.

Obviously this speech takes for granted that you are not using Google services, that you are not logged in to Google Chrome and that you are not using g-mail. In this guide you will find what you can do with proxies, because you can and you must also use them, so eyes wide open and maximum concentration.

How many types of proxy do you have?

There are several programs and software created with the simple purpose of checking proxy lists, others that are used instead to scan the network to find and classify them. In any case, the first thing you need to know is what types of proxies exist and how they should be used. Let’s see some of them in detail:

Non Anonymous proxy (NOA): these are the famous transparent proxies that add information such as the computer’s IP address to the http header. They are used to visit blocked or censored sites.

Anonymous Proxy Server: these are anonymous proxies which, although they modify the http header, do not transmit their IP address.

High Anonymous Proxy: they are among the most secure and 100% anonymous proxies. These proxies do not modify the http header and do not transmit the IP address of the requesting computer. They are considered the best choice when you want to guarantee anonymity or you feel a little black hat.

CGI Proxy: these are the proxies that present themselves as web interface directly on the internet and do not need to change browser settings.

A look also at the protocols

There are only two types of socks protocol, namely:

  • Sock 4: works with TPC protocols, IRC, HTTP (used for web browsers), NNTP newsgroup access,
  • Sock 5: very similar to sock4 but definitely superior as it also allows us to guarantee the anonymity of UDP protocols.

The SOCKS protocol allows a type of proxy at the transport level, in practice it forwards the TCP and UTP connections that occur between the server and the client and does not analyze the application protocols.

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