Proper Integration of Emails

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E-mail is far from dead but it is everywhere and e-mail marketers have to provide a customized user experience and customized content for all those e-mail clients, platforms, formats and devices. For that have you used Countdown clocks ? If not then you can try once.

Email marketing is integrated

Countdown clocks

Email marketing is part of a cross-channel approach that focuses on segmentation and leads nurturing. A prospect has different content needs than a customer, a customer who is interested in a certain product group in content other than a customer who purchases other products. Content is crucial in a cross-channel lead nurturing process but also in e-mail programs for existing customers.

The integration of e-mail with other channels and with systems for analyzing and segmenting the recipients and their communication behavior ensures that e-mail marketers have more options than ever before to serve the right content at the right time. This is essential for the commitment of the subscriber and by definition also for the conversion and even deliverability. The use of all these techniques to provide increasingly efficient content is not a choice because the means to do it exist. It is a must because people demand it in a changing communication landscape.

E-mail marketing and content marketing are therefore very closely related and every e-mail marketer should also be a good content marketer today. Do not do email marketing without a content (marketing) strategy and learn what efficient content is and how you get it. Don’t forget to measure and analyze the ROI.

Email marketing in the online marketing mix

Various channels are available within online marketing that complements each other. With SEO, SEA, banners and affiliate marketing we reach people and attract visitors to the website. By properly designing and improving the website through conversion optimization, we ensure that these visitors become customers. Next, email marketing is the means to turn these customers into loyal customers. Email marketing is the means to generate more revenue from existing customers.

The conversion rate is high among regular customers, they are familiar with the brand and the products and their quality. Email marketing is a relatively cheap way to get these customers to re-order. By applying extensive analyzes to the data, the effectiveness of newsletters can be continuously improved. Through tests in which various variables are examined, it quickly becomes clear what works well and what less. Testing and measuring is, therefore, something that is a constant part of email marketing.

Of course, it is important that the largest possible file is created with relevant e-mail addresses. The most qualitative recipients are those who have signed up for the newsletter. Pay plenty of attention to the newsletter on the website; let the signup button take a prominent place on the homepage, clearly, communicate the benefits on the website and offer the possibility to open the most recent newsletter, so that the customer knows what he is registering for. Have the registrations follow immediately by an e-mail with a confirmation of receipt. Adding customers to the file is constantly important because after every newsletter there will be people who unsubscribe.

A condition for making the recipients loyal customers is the creation of a positive association with the brand. For the customer, there must be clear added value, a motivation to open the newsletter every time. If the customer can identify with the brand, this motivates them to make purchases, or, if the purpose is to provide information, to read information.

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