Photography and types of photo studios in Surabaya

foto studio surabaya

Photography is like an art and like memories of every person’s life. Photography is adding extra effect in a particular image like lighting, electromagnetic radiation. Photography is the result of combining several technical discoveries. The discovery of the camera is a dark chamber in Latin. This can prove a photo behind the date. This is the first photography machine. Photography became an essential need of every people. Without photography, people cannot travel to other places because the camera helps to capture a beautiful place. With the help of a camera, we can recall our beautiful time and precious events. foto studio surabaya photo studio and create an effective photo to develop images.

In the ancient period, people use to create photos by drawing. Drawing is their essential photo we can saw many painted images in the temple and museum. After many years the photography machine is discovered. In the modern world, photography is a profession people had a passion to become a photographer. There are many colleges is available to learn the techniques of photography. The first permanent photoetching was an image produced in 1822 by French inventor. After photography, it will become film making. Photography is very essential for every person’s life without photography people cannot remember their life experience.

Photo studio in Surabaya

foto studio surabaya

Finding a photo studio is an easy job almost every corner of the city but we chose the best photographer to create our photo beautifully. In Surabaya, there is no need to look for a photo studio because every corner of the city we can saw photo studios. Some of the Surabaya photo studio methods are D2 photo studio photographer and artist, adventure studio, little tree photography, classic photography, princess photo studio, capture photography, etc. these are some kind of photography in Surabaya.

Adventure studio

The adventure studio is established in 2012 and located in Linden Street. This kind of photography was established in rare cities because the cast of the photo is very high and very risky to take adventure photos. Adventure studio is not a common type there is a huge difference between other types. The adventure photo studio has become one of the attractive photo sports.

Classic photography

The next recommended photography service is classic photography. The environment of this photography is a temple, ancient place, village area, etc. This environment gives a great result in class photography. The costume of the people also mainly concentrated. The photographer must expert in their field because classic photography is not a common type of photographer who needs a creative mind and classic mind also.

Princess photo studio

Princess photo studio is very unique type in that studio you decorate like prince and princess. These types of photo studios need a costume and expensive product. Princess photo studio located in the center of the city. Thirty years of expensive service is provided by the photographer.

Click studio

This is useful for younger teenage people, which is helps to act in front of the camera. This is the most expensive studio so many people not try to take a photo in this studio but teenage people like to start a career in click studio because it creates more passion and fashion

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