Perfect Options for the Best Data Recovery Now

Data recovery is extremely bad, but many times, we have to do this. Must recognize this is not simple for most people, especially when there is no powerful tool available in hand. So which tool is strong? Of course, we do not mention the software tools specialized hardware of data rescue centers professionally relatively high cost and charged according to the amount of data saved. Visit for more now.

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Why is the data deleted, and can you restore it? Many of you ask me this question. That’s because if you delete the data in the normal way (to the trash and empty or press Shift + Delete), the data has not been removed from the hard disk, simply that data area is “marked” is deleted, to allow overwriting other data on top.

So here, we will discuss which data recovery software is strong, good?

The names that are often mentioned are probably Getdataback Recovery (NTFS, FAT), Recovery my files, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard. They are very popular and are often recommended when used lost data. There are some guys like Recuva, Tuneup undelete, Glary Undelete, we speak straight, just the crap is not worth mentioning, and of course should not be used, especially in heavy situations. Because, one of the requirements to save a lot of data is that no data has been overwritten, and no other data recovery program scans the drive surface. The more you use Recovery programs, the lower the possibility of saved data.

The popular software on the review panel is quite high, and in fact, they saved the data quite well, many of you are satisfied with it. However, we do not believe in those review tables, whether it’s “Western” or “I.” Touching my hands, my forehead is still better, right?

To test the ability to recover data, we will try with the most difficult case in losing normal data, that is GHOST. Even ghost lost the partition. Because when the ghost, the data was immediately overwritten, so it was difficult to recover.

With Getdataback Recovery, my feeling is that this guy has a slow recovery speed, but no problem, data recovery is to be patient. However, it arranges scanned data that is quite ambiguous, not a bit intuitive. The ability to recover data when the ghost is mistaken is extremely poor, if not you will be disappointed because it will not save anything but takes time and Data Recovery is quite recoverable, but many doc files are not readable, or there are music tracks mistakenly from one post to the other, sounds very funny.

Nucleus Kernel FAT and NTFS: Perfect data recovery

Unexpectedly, expected tested software that was not very popular, but the results were extremely positive. That’s Nucleus Kernel FAT and NTFS. This software has an amazingly fast recovery speed, but what it regains for you makes you admire. Even losing Partition, it will show you recovery. The name, location of restored files and folders is almost unchanged, so it’s easy to get back what you need.

It’s a pretty old version, but very close to version 4.03. In general, this is the software that you need when you lose data, especially the format and ghost mistakenly, as long as you make sure you don’t overwrite the new data, the ability to recover to over 90% is complete.

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