Perfect Details for the Perfect Printed T Shirts

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More and more people are discovering the possibilities of printing clothes. Not only if they want to design unique clothing with an artistic or personal print, but also, for example, for student or sports associations (of which Leiden has quite a few of them), schools, or a bachelor party. There are, however, a number of things you should pay attention to when printing on clothing, so below we are happy to give you the tips. The use of the bedruckte textilien is important here.

Which clothing do you want to print?

It is no longer the case that you can only print simple T-shirts with your own printing. Chic polos, sweaters, hoodies, children’s clothing, dresses or sportswear, you can’t make it up that crazy or you can have it printed with your own text or image. However, the requirements that are set are different in every situation. A T-shirt for a bachelor party that will probably only be worn once or a few times may be of a different quality than sportswear that has to take a beating. Printing clothes at Digitransfer gives you a wide range to choose from, for women, men and children.

Pay attention to the fit and choose the right size

Do you often order clothes online, and do you sometimes choose multiple sizes of the same item of clothing to fit at home because you have doubts about the size? No problem, because with online purchases you have the right to return it within 14 days without giving a reason (and the webshop sometimes even pays the return costs). Printed items are personalized items, and these rules do not apply. However, websites where you can print clothing online often provide a size chart and information about the fit, so check this carefully so that you really order the right size.

What is included in the price?

Some printing companies charge extra costs such as set-up costs or printing costs per order. In the first instance the clothing seems very cheap, but as soon as you want to print any text or an image on it, you will only see these costs as soon as you start paying for your order.

bedruckte textilien

Is there a minimum order size?

There are printers that use a minimum order size. No problem if you want to order a large amount of clothing, but if you want to print the right unique and personal T-shirts or hoodies, for example. So always check whether you can also order (after) a few items without incurring additional costs.

What printing options are there?

The various ways of printing clothing also have consequences for the printing options. If you want to put the names of a number of people on the clothing for an association or bachelor party, take a good look at how many lines of text are possible. It is also good to look at the dimensions of printed images such as logos or your own design, and whether it is also possible to print on the sleeves.

Size and font of text printing

The text that you want to print on clothing must of course be legible, and this is a challenge, especially with glitter printing. Furthermore, choose no font with many curls and brackets, unless you are sure that the letters are large enough and the printing contrasts very much with the color of the clothing. Also, stretching text horizontally or vertically does not usually do much good for readability.

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