Perfect Choices for the wills in dubai

wills in dubai

Unlike other countries, which in most cases is done by the notary, the will can be done by anyone. The risk lies at the moment in which it must be delivered to the competent authority and the notary, since we can find cases of non-ratification and unforeseen in the future to execute our rights, either due to the indisposition of goods or due to problems with the applicable law for wills in dubai .

You think it is interesting to mention that you can also make the will, raise it to the public and, once it has been made and notarized, deliver it to the interested parties’ embassy with the required Spanish translation and follow the relevant procedure before the embassy authorities for future execution.

Who can be the heirs?

Another question that some clients usually ask me in the office is if there is the possibility that the heir may be a resident of a third country. The answer is yes. Indeed, if the deceased has left all his assets to a family member or third party resident in a third country, the heirs must go to the UAE or failing that, do it through powers of attorney and lawyers like those of my office, specialized in wills. We can begin the process of opening the will. The duration of this procedure may vary depending on the time when the heirs go to the competent body to open the will. As mentioned previously, the duration can vary from 2 months to 1 year.


wills in dubai

As for the Emirate of Dubai, there are no inheritance taxes, unlike other countries where an inheritance tax has to be paid. The law on inheritance law establishes that the applicable law will be the law of the domicile of the deceased person. Therefore, if the deceased is a resident of the UAE, no fees will be paid to receive the inheritance.

Another important issue concerns the wife, husband and minor children of the deceased. It will have a period of one year to regularize its situation with a new sponsor and receive the will. To conclude, it is interesting to highlight what happens to the fines, penalties that the deceased has pending not paid at the time of death. This aspect is resolved when the heirs arrive at the competent body to open the will. There, before receiving the assets that the deceased has left, the administration will deduct from the total estate of the inheritance all the pending penalties and debts.

Lawyer in the Emirates

When in doubt, expert advice is always to put you in the hands of a lawyer in the Emirates. An expert firm can advise you on what should appear in your will and accompany you in all the procedures. In this way, you can make the best decisions advised by professionals who know the law.

We have spoken on many occasions about the importance of making a will. Also of the types of will that exist and the difficulties to inherit if there is no will. We have covered heir types and a lot of technical issues. Today we dedicate this corner to give a few tips to make a will. We will not exclusively talk about the validity of the document, which also, but about some extremes that go beyond the fact of testing and that have to do with comfort for the heirs.

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