Online music download and revolution over downloading

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The process of digital transfer over music through the internet is known to be a music download that can be downloaded into the accessible devices that must be capable of encoding the music and playing the music. Those accessible devices might be named as a mobile phone or Smartphone, mp3 player, personal computer, and then a portable media player. Those procedures could be taken into account that could be enclosed or surrounded by both the copyrighted material downloads or might be legal downloads without proceeding with the legal payments or may happen without getting permission. And through the process of online download lagu terbaru can be easy processing over the accessible devices. According to the report of American data, information, and measurement firm which is named Nielsen, in the year 2012, it takes out 55.9 percent of music download can be accounted based on all music sales. In the year of taxation, that is especially the first quarter of the year the apple company’s iTunes store as a single store makes out of the United States 1.1 billion dollars of income over the beginning of the year 2011. The modified discrete cosine transform (MDCT) can be encoded with the music downloads by the audio data compression. And then the process might be handled with the (AAC) which is an advanced audio coding which is known to be the iTunes format and also the format of mp3 audio coding.

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Revolution over the process of downloading:

With the digital rights management in some of the cases, the paid downloads can be encoded and that could help to limits the process of copying the music. Not only towards copying the music but also proceeds with the purchased song playing which could be certainly on the digital audio players. Usually in the window media, in the almost proceedings the files can be compressed with the use of lossy codes which helps to reduce the size of the file and also the requirements of the bandwidth. As is the response to the developing technology those music resources can be created over the market. Not only for the developing technologies but also helps the customers to fulfill their needs and then satisfy the customers with quick access and help them to catch over easily. By getting over the legal service which helps to attract the users the business module of the music download gets into the revolution of the downloading process. From artists, the Recording Association

of America, and labels of the records the legal music download has been facing with the most number of the challenges. In the year 2007, in July, the contract with iTunes has been dislocated by the universal music group. The issue of the pricing of the song caused more issue as the primary reason and in the case of charging the universal needs of or decided to make out with the different charges depends upon the popularity of the artists. That’s why 99 cents per song has been priced and then make a shift with the standard of iTunes in the process. In the stage of the early career, the support and then share and downloading leads to the development of the artist according to the survey of the website, Torrent Freak.

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