Look for The Best Choices for the Youtube View Increase

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To find interesting keywords, you can use tools such as Google Trends, but also do research on the keywords that interest you directly on Google. If video content appears in the first results, it is interesting to add this word from your selection. For the buy youtube hours|4000 hours youtube buy|buy youtube watch hour|watch time} this is a perfect time.

Join communities

If all of your videos deal with relatively similar topics, it’s interesting to reach the communities that are interested in these topics. It is possible first of all via social networks, by sharing your videos with interested communities. Your videos talk about Marketing? Why not join LinkedIn-related marketing groups and share with them on a topic in one of your videos?

Among the communities always open to new expert heads, it may be interesting to join forums or sites specialized in a field. By chatting and sharing with the community, your videos will get more views, and you can easily increase the number of subscribers. The integration of your videos on different sites or forums also improves its SEO.

Obviously, it is important not to spam this type of community. You have to interact, discuss different subjects, and expose your expertise, comment on other posts. Concretely, being active in these communities will give you much-targeted visibility.

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Push users to subscribe

For YouTube, two actions are essential to define the interest of a video: Subscription and like on a video. It is therefore important to include Call-To-Action in your videos. Push people to subscribe after watching your video. It is possible to add “annotations” with a link to subscribe directly from the video editing interface on YouTube. So if your content is interesting and subscriptions follow, YouTube will understand that your content is interesting enough to generate subscriptions. It will put more emphasis on your videos. If you watch videos of the biggest YouTuber, you will see CTAs pushing users to subscribe, like and comment on the content. It is a sign that it is very important to integrate this technique when making your videos. Likes are slightly less important than subscriptions, but they are still necessary to generate additional views thanks to better visibility. Interaction with your content is what YouTube is looking for to highlight you.

Create playlists

Getting an audience on your channel is one thing. Getting her to stay is another. It is important to organize a YouTube channel. Who would buy in a supermarket if the shelves were disorganized? Well, your channel must also be cut out like shelves, by themes thanks to the system of playlists offered by YouTube. This will give all the more information thanks to the keywords used in the title of the playlists to the Company about the nature of your video, and thus improve its SEO.

By regularly updating your channel and interacting with your community, you can use these tips to increase your brand’s visibility on YouTube. You can see below an info-graphic highlighting the majority of the points taken into account by YouTube to rank the content during a search.

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