Leaf Blowers You May Have to Use Now

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Gasoline blower is a professional type of equipment. It is intended for industrial use, because it has a much higher air flow rate – from 80 to 300 m / s. The fuel consumption of gasoline blowers is 400-500 g per 1 kW of power per hour. For example, with a power of a gasoline vacuum cleaner of 5 kW per hour, about 2.5 liters of fuel will be required. You can see this article about leaf blowers and come up with the solutions.

For refueling gasoline engines blowers suitable gasoline class not lower than A92

This technique allows you to deal with garbage in large areas much faster. The operator carries knapsack blowers on his back like a backpack. This type does not work in vacuum mode and does not have a bag for collecting garbage, and a significant weight (more than 10-12 kg) makes the job less comfortable.

  • Electric models of knapsack blowers consume a large amount of electricity (their power is at least 3000 watts), while gasoline models have a high noise level (85-90 dB) and vibration.
  • One of the best examples of such equipment, due to its efficiency and competitive price (9000-10000 UAH), is a Stihl gasoline powered backpack vacuum cleaner of the BR 200 model.
  • Wheel garden vacuum cleaners are also a type of professional equipment and are used in large areas with significant pollution, since they have a maximum volume of a garbage bag (60-100 l) and a high air flow rate of 6-7 l / s.

Vacuum cleaner air speed

This is one of the main selection criteria. In operating modes for both retracting and blowing, this indicator should be at least 70 m / s, otherwise the vacuum cleaner can not cope even with light garbage in your garden.

Engine’s type

There are models with electric and gasoline engines, so which one to give preference? Their main difference is weight.

Gasoline blower, although more powerful and suitable for large-scale cleaning, but it is 2-3 times heavier than electric, so it will be uncomfortable in everyday life, especially for women.

For a small area and infrequent cleaning, the best option is a cordless garden vacuum cleaner. An expensive, but high-quality and reliable model of a famous manufacturer is the Husqvarna model 436LIB blower, which costs about 12,000 UAH.

see this article about leaf blowers

If more power is not needed, but the vacuum cleaner will be used often, then the battery blower will become uncomfortable, since it will require regular charging of the battery. Keep in mind that the battery lasts an average of 90 minutes of continuous operation, and it will take at least 2-3 hours to recharge it. In this case, an electrically powered blower would be the best choice. Its only drawback is the presence of a cord, because its length does not always allow you to work in a large area, and you will need an additional extension cord. And in the cold season, the insulation of the cord can harden and be damaged if it is bent.

Last Words

The Bosch ALS30 Garden Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most popular AC mains vacuum cleaners. The price for this model is about 2600 UAH.

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