Knowing The Best for the Friendship

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Observe on what subject the passion feels. It’s a hobby, family, job, or other topic, just observe and use questions to let the person tell you more about that topic tell me more? And then what did you do? How did you do it? Done? How did you get? Etc. As you Find Army Friends then be sure for the same.

Keeps the attention of the person you communicate with.

This shows that you are interested in that person, encourages her to continue talking with you and shows that you enjoy spending time with her or him. This interest you give makes the person want to become your friend because you show them that you care.

Talk about beautiful things not bad.

Find Army Friends

From the rules of politeness you never talk to a person you just know about politics, religion and money, because there are topics where most of us have different opinions and we can argue. Also, when we don’t know each other well, we are not talking about negative topics or things that could create discomfort for the person we are talking to. Because the state we offer when we just know ourselves will be the one with which we will be associated.

And because we do not want to be associated with something negative, what will provoke in that person a reaction to avoid us. We will try to talk only about positive things. After the relationship is closer we can talk about these things, but we should not go to the extreme to discuss only because we can cause a state of discomfort and depression to our friends.

Let the other person talk more.

Everyone wants to be listened to and talk about their own person. We really need to be listened to, which is why all social networking sites are so flourishing.

Some of us even have an exaggerated ego in which they always want to be the center of attention, to speak only to them and to be listened to. Such people create frustration for those they interact with because they do not know how to communicate. A communication means that the role of receiver and transmitter is changing. In a dialogue you listen to what the other person wants to say and then you come up with an answer, don’t think about it, while the other person is talking, what replies to give them back. It’s not like in a tennis match, if someone hits the ball you have to run fast to hit the ball so it doesn’t fall on your side.

Learning to listen to the other is difficult when you also feel the need to be heard. But the secret to making it quiet, letting the other person speak and truly listening is that most of us, after satisfying our need to be listened to, can listen to others in our turn. It is not a competition between you who says more things is the winner. In fact, sometimes listening to the other you find the solution to your problem.

Let the Other People Say

Letting the other person speak helps you to get rid of the stress and problems you have accumulated. And after downloading it is much more relaxed and attentive to the discussion and the relationship between you, not the things he did not say. Be the one who initiates the conversation, not the one who waits for someone else to initiate the conversation.

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