How the Modern World is Turned By the Cinematic experience

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Now his role in the world is huge. And this is not a pathetic statement. However, there is nothing supernatural here. After all, cinema makes people sad and has fun, presents new ideas and fixes old information, helps to look into the past, to understand the present more deeply and try to imagine the future.

Of course, free movies hardly add something to a person of reason, but they undoubtedly give him a lot of exciting moments and curious information. And our daily life, sometimes dull and monotonous, sometimes only a good motion picture can make it brighter and more complete, giving a real spiritual pleasure.

Of all the existing areas of art, probably only cinema has managed to take a unique place in today’s world, respectively, in the life of any person. Surely we can say that motion pictures, changing the consciousness of an individual, have a strong influence on society as a whole. People constantly need fresh ideas in this kind of art, therefore the world of cinema and society always develop in parallel directions.

free movies

Positive sides of films

Thanks to the films, an ordinary person gets the opportunity to escape from everyday life, to see the world from a different angle. However, it is worth considering that the real life is not a substitute for the passion for cinema. The film will end – and the illusion will evaporate. Movies can easily unite people and for a short time save them from chronic stress and other negative feelings: sorrow, guilt, fear. Contemplating the film, each of us receives a huge charge of emotions. Together with the characters of the film, we worry, have fun, grieve and seem to live another life. In addition, in the movies, we often find answers to the most pressing questions. However, not every emotionally viewed film will have positive emotions.

For many years of its development, cinema has gained immense popularity and now occupies an important place in the lives of many people. No wonder, since films are watched by all. You can declare a completely new level, which recently came out the movie, becoming the most sought-after form of art. On the premiere of a new grandiose films report television, radio stations, Internet portals and other media.No matter how much you fantasize, it’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without cinema.

The Writing

Psychologists see the essence of communication in the “mutual active exchange of individual and personal content”. The moment of “interaction” in this process is especially emphasized. Indeed, the contact of the film and the public is not built on the basis of the transmission and reception (assimilation) of information, but on the basis of empathy, the active inclusion of the viewer in the screen world.

This type of interaction is not specific to the contact of the film and the public. Any work of art “communicates” with a person, influencing his mind and heart. But art cinema belongs not only to the Muses, but also to the media, so we are faced with a situation where all the above functions of the media are implemented by the film in a complex; moreover, they are realized through the aesthetic impact of cinema and this is extremely important.

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