Guide to find best virtual escape room for you

best virtual escape room singapore

Are you getting bored at your home? Has covid taken all your joy from life? Do you feel stuck in your daily routine and want to get out of this loop?

Here’s a great solution for you.  Virtual escape room

Although there are many online games you will enjoy virtual escape rooms the most. Thebest virtual escape room singapore are an online platform where you are locked in a room. You will have to find clues, fix different objects, solve puzzles, collect hints and anyhow get out of the room. This game will let you experience many different things in one place. Suppose you are stuck in a room, the fear of being stuck in a room is hitting you but you can’t sit idle. You have to roam here and here, all around, and find the clues. If you find a clue pasted on a wall, you have to remember that clue and find where it needs to use. If you find a puzzle you need to push your limits to solve that puzzle. Isn’t this all sounding fun as well as thrilling? Virtual escape rooms are a dare to your mind to get out of the room.

best virtual escape room singapore

The covid situation has uplifted the use of virtual escape rooms, where people in groups with their friends or many times strangers, play and enjoy together.

Are you excited to play?

Let’s see what things you would need to play virtual escape room game-

It is a remote game which you can play sitting anywhere at your comfort, with anyone around the world, and at any time you want. All you would require is a computer, a webcam, a meeting software or platform, a group of people, and all of your mind and concentration.  And there is no age limit to this game, though it is recommended for people only above 13 should play the game. We can’t underestimate that a kid can’t play this game, maybe he thinks smarter than elders. There are many causes to this.

How to find the best virtual escape room for you –

  • Find a team – When you start to find an escape room for yourself, first find a team. This would help you to be safe from clashes further after starting the game. All the decisions should be taken by the team as one unit. This ensures more fun and joy while playing
  • Select the themes– There are many escape games based on real location themes, some on imaginary themes like cartoon or horror themes. Your team should decide the best suited for you people. You can choose a theme as per your favourite location or favourite incident together.
  • Select the difficulty level– This would help you to actually take out the true essence of the game. IF you select the too easy a game, you would not find it exciting and if you find a super hard game then eventually you will lose interest in it and feel like wasting time at one level or puzzle. If you are playing for the first time, choose an easy and moderate level game and then advance with further gameplays.
  • Check reviews– checking reviews will get you a quick overview of the game and you can find whether the game is suitable for you or not.

So, now you find the best-suited escape room for you and start enjoying yourself.

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