Great SEO Options You Can Go for Now


Great development as far as you are concerned and every serious copywriter will agree. Yet SEO is still very much alive. The foundations for good findability of your pages are still firmly in the ground.

SEO in 2020


The most important of these SEO fundamentals you describe in this article. And with that, you already take a cross for the New Year. If you want to score high in search engines in 2019, these are the ultimate SEO tips to take into account.

Create content that shows something new or that goes into depth

Not for nothing is this one. The most important SEO tip expert can give you is that your content must simply be of exceptional quality. So invest more time in research and look for more examples and current events. Use the pages that currently score highest in Google on your intended search term to make your own web texts and blog articles based on them even better and more extensive.

Example of this SEO tip

With own website recently scored high on the search term passive income. That is because you have written an extensive article in which you give 19 concrete ideas that you can use to build up passive income. You don’t want to sell anything on that page, as many competitors on this search term do.

Provide clear and honest information on the subject partly from your own experience and have ensured that the list is comprehensive and clear. You have not created any external links to this page’s internal links. Virtually purely on content, Google rewards me with a top position in the search engine.

Make smart use of social media

Have you made a great piece of content? Congratulations make sure you promote it in a good way with social media. Although shares and links are not a direct ranking factor in Google, there are many signals that they do in fact influence the ranking. And even if that were not true, good social media interaction would still result in extra visitors and therefore potentially more work.

Here are a few tips to help you use social media in the right way:

  • Create valuable content that deserves to be shared.
  • Add clear share buttons to your articles.
  • Share your content yourself via the right channel and ask for responses.
  • Ask people to share your articles if they find them useful.
  • Tag or mention people you quote in your articles so that they too can share it with their followers.

Example of this SEO tip

You recently posted an article you had previously posted on this blog as an article on LinkedIn. By placing it in its entirety, benefited from LinkedIn’s algorithm which would rather promote complete articles than links to external websites.

Many people saw it and started to like and respond, and even more, people saw it. Of course, you must have written an interesting and recognizable article, but without the use of social media, few people see it.

Use good descriptions for images

Images are prominently mentioned in the search engine. Images have been an important part of the search results since time immemorial. In some cases, people only search for images when they need something. And that’s why it’s so important to optimize your photos and other image materials.

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