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Honolulu HI homes for sale

Homes built according to certification residences certainly a little more expensive at the time of purchase pay for themselves quickly because of estimated reductions in electricity costs of around 20%. Some programs provide access to financial assistance. The website of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources explains all the details of this effect. With the Honolulu HI homes for sale you can now get the best choices.


Thanks to certain homeownership programs, many first time buyers of new homes can realize their dream of becoming a homeowner without spending a staggering amount on the down payment. For example, Condos set up by the Housing and Development Corporation allows the purchaser to benefit from a purchase credit of 10% of the value of the new property used for the down payment, provided you provide a down payment of $ 1,000 yourself. Note that this 10% as well as 10% of the capital gain must be given to the housing corporation at the time of the resale of the condo.

Good news for buyers of newly built homes: the Government offers a refund of part of the taxes, namely 50% of the QST for a maximum of $ 9,804 and 36% of the GST up to $ 6,300. Financial assistance from the municipal level could also delight many buyers. For example, the City of Honolulu reimburses, among other things, transfer duties in the context of the acquisition of a new home. Certain conditions apply. The amounts vary according to the area of ​​the house, the number of occupants and the purchase price.

Long live promotions

The buyers’ market hour has come. With several unsold new properties, developers use creative strategies to attract new buyers. You could, for example, get free air conditioning or even free indoor parking. The offers differ from one promoter to another and sometimes they are not advertised. By communicating directly with promoters, you will be able to discover their attractive proposals and save thousands of dollars.

Professional negotiation

A little secret: if the newly built house is vacant, the entrepreneur sometimes incurring significant costs could be motivated to sell quickly. The scenario also emerges in favor of the buyer when the entrepreneur reaches the bar of 40% to 50% of units in presale because it is the quota normally required for obtaining financing from banks in order to finish the real estate project. By being well prepared, you could get up to 15% off a new home.

Ask questions

Honolulu HI homes for sale

Learn about:

Furniture: the seller can leave with the appliances.

Objects included in the house: certain objects such as the water heater come with a service. You must then resume the service contract.

The neighborhood: buying a house means adopting a neighborhood. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle. Visit the neighborhood and talk with the neighbors.

The history of the house: you are afraid to buy a house where there has been a suicide or a murder? Talk to the seller and the neighbors. A simple internet search with the home address can sometimes reveal important information to you.

Have the house inspected

This private program offers in return 5% of the value of the building as a down payment and at the time of the resale or refinancing of the condo, the individual must reimburse this amount as well as 5% of the capital gain.

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