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Youtube Vanced

For video service, there are many websites available on the internet among them YouTube is the first website that comes to everyone’s mind for users. It was a popular website and more user gets excited to watch videos from this site. The rare user thinks that watching videos on YouTube is a useless thing and a waste of time for his business techniques. Because in this world, one thing is not looked at by all kinds of people there are just some people who don’t like the things that everyone likes. So that some users create alternative apps or mod apps to add extra features and to block some things for the app functionality. Youtube Vanced is one of the popular applications that is replaced by official YouTube. It was developed by XDA developer master T. They are team up with four members of XDA to update this application for a certain time.


Youtube Vanced

YouTube is created for the user and creator to explore new things and to become beneficial. It was a new feature add med in this app at the starting stage. Some small startup companies will make this platform to market their product to customers to improve their company and continue the business till the end. Now 360 degrees is a new feature on the YouTube application. If a new video is capturing by GoPro or recording in the drones means that the videos are called 360-degree videos, it adds a new view to the videos. The user or viewer can see the functionality that takes place in a certain location. Some user thinks to relax experience is not enough in YouTube. In the future, YouTube is working on adding 3d features to videos. Quality in videos is not the only thing in live streaming. Music, education, sports are development system covers. In recent years, content creators have more time to set up and maintain the live streams. Some gaming company creates a new YouTube channel to allow gamers to get benefits from live streaming. This is the only application creating more ways to make money for content creators, video creators, businessman, and some user becomes less reliant to advertise deals. Ways for making money like adding subscriptions, merchandise partners, and tips to get in live streaming. These are the ways to directly link with users to make money.

Vanced features

The exposed system is inserted in the official YouTube site and the advertisement on the official site is disabled by this YouTube vanced. It was the newest modded version. Developers add more features like background replay, pinch to zoom, and much more new features that implement in YouTube vanced. Ads are disabled. To all Android devices, pinch to zoom is supported. The favourite video will be repeated by enabling the auto-repeat feature. Volume and brightness will be controlled by swiping the screen. Some user thinks that YouTube vanced is an illegal application, it will steal user data and monitor the user whenever they using the app. But it is not true just like the YouTube app, Vanced also protects the user data and doesn’t store history also. Then most of the user thinks why it is not in play store? Because the play store is a Google app so that they don’t allow competitors in its application. So YouTube vanced is available on sites not in the play store.

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