Dry Nose of Your Dog: What To Do

my dog's nose is dry

If the dog has constipation other than a warm nose, is slow, does not want to play, you should check it for helminthiasis. Worms in large amounts, accumulated in the peritoneum, can cause the strongest intoxication of the animal. Body temperature can increase and decrease simultaneously. So if you think “my dog’s nose is dry ” then take the right precautions.

my dog's nose is dry

A warm nose may be combined with other distemper symptoms. The condition of the dog in this disease is as follows: hot, dry nose, lethargy, purulent eye and nasal passage, food rejection and indigestion. The animal can have tremendous gait, can drag back legs and fall to the side. Fainting or convulsive seizures are possible in severe cases.

What to do if the dog has a warm nose

In any case, it is necessary to soberly assess the situation, its strength and the condition of the animal. Only then decide: to show the animal or help the veterinarian. Consider the basic situations in which an animal may be.

The dog has a cold

If you suspect the cold, if the condition of the dog is not critical, you can get home treatment, but if possible, show the animal veterinarians to avoid omitting pneumonia. The first steps the owner should take in case of kidney disease are:

  • They provide a calm atmosphere. Give a warm drink and delicious food from which the pet definitely does not refuse. To maintain strength it is necessary that the dog ate at least a little.
  • Strokes in the place where the sick dog should not be. The interior should not be too hot or too cold. It is desirable to ensure normal room temperature.
  • It is necessary to go out because the dog needs to cope with physiological needs. Walking time can be limited to a quarter of an hour.
  • If the dog freezes, it can be covered with something warm or even heated pad.

You can regularly clean your dog with a brush. This massage activates defenses, helps to disperse blood and warm up.

In the initial phase of the disease, when the dog does not refuse food and drink, can be treated with the following drugs: Gamavit, Amoxiclav, Cycloferon. Intramuscular injections of Analgin with Dimedrol are used twice a day to lower the temperature. If treatment does not help, the dog feels worse, ask the vet to check. It is possible that the animal develops pneumonia. This condition is very serious and cannot be an expert. In order to diagnose the inflammatory process in the lungs, the veterinarian must listen to the dog.

If the dog has coughing, wheezing and it is not possible to show it to the vet, start treatment with a broad-spectrum antibiotic. In addition, to avoid disturbing the intestinal micro-flora, you should buy medicine to normalize the micro-flora. If the animal has a high temperature, do not give paracetamol-based drugs, they are harmful to the animal. If you do not know how to inject, inject the Analgin tablet and cover it with a piece of medicine.

Home allergy

This condition can be caused by flowering plants, household items, woolen items, household chemicals, food. Determining the source of allergies on your own is quite difficult, but you can try. Try to clean the room where the dog is, without chemicals.

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