Different Types of Hosting and it Advantages and Disadvantages

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At the time of research at all free, self-employed and managers of SMEs sometimes think that a website is free. It is possible to have a website that is cheaper than in the past, but free is a utopia. as we have seen, you can go to a website builder or a self-hosted solution. If you host your site, which is the most durable solution, you will have to choose a quality hosting. Here are some explanations and tips to make the right choice. If a client خرید هاست (has bought) a domain then he must have bought web hosting also.

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is a plan that small businesses often use. The most important benefit of this web hosting plan is that it is quite cheap. It is cheaper than most accommodation plans. The reason it is cheaper is pretty simple as you share a server with other shared hosting plans. Do not worry; other people cannot interfere with your website. Smaller websites do not get a lot of traffic in general, and that’s why shared hosting is enough for them. If your website receives a few dozen or even a few hundred visits a day, shared hosting may be enough.

Another benefit of shared hosting is that it is convenient to use. This accommodation is suitable for small businesses. You do not need to hire an IT professional to set up and manage your website because you can do it yourself with ease. It does not require a database or PHP knowledge because you can directly install all the tools such as WordPress, online shop, forum, etc. in 1 click.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

There are also limitations to the shared hosting plan. The first disadvantage of this hosting plan is the limitation of resources. You share the servers with other websites. Thus, when other websites peak or their traffic is increased, they will eventually use more resources. Your website may suffer from slowdown.

خرید هاست

The security concern is another drawback of shared web hosting. It does not allow you to install your own software for the protection of your site. Other websites that share the server with yours may run a link or script that may threaten the security of your entire server. After all, you share a server with them.

Advantages of dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the ideal hosting plan for those who have bigger websites and expect huge traffic. Dedicated hosting provides you with a dedicated server that is totally yours and is not shared by anyone. This hosting plan is fast and secure. You have full control over your own server. It offers more storage options and data. It is also secure, and you can run the software and utilities of your choice.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the hybrid of dedicated hosting and shared web hosting. In this hosting plan, the main server is divided into multiple servers, and you get some of it with your own disk space, bandwidth, and hosting resources. Virtually, it’s your private server.

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