Constructing a house with Pre and post-construction maintenance

Everyone has a aim to build a house, now a days technologies are developed according to that design also changed. I will build my dream house with sufficient place and modernize, before that we have to purchase the land and then we need to pick up a great builder for the house and then select a house builder and now we are ready to build the house, now the process of our dream house begins with exciting. There are many stages in building and the main things are the foundation of the house which is very significant for the building. Civil engineers are ready with their plans and constructions also obey them and we must give sufficient time to the constructors e won’t rush up them to complete and also we must aware in the build constructing materials, and their quality and waterproof for the building are the necessary things to build the house with .

Constructing and its maintenance

Before the construction started all the things must be ready with us, and all the legalities must be complete before. And actual building begins this stage will take 24 r 25 weeks in this stage are making clear the complicates like water and permission for building, electricity and legal license for the construction. In this stage landlord or building, the owner can select the construction materials like bricks, woods, and sand, window doors, and was to fix or fitting in the house. Color for painting render, roof, dos, and kitchen. Once the official will be received the builder begins the construction work. After complete the house construction maintenance is necessary because the house was ready within 6 months or 12 months so we need to maintain the house until settle down.

Constructing the stage of the building

Process for construction will be covered in the eight stages they are

  • Site work
  • Slab down
  • Plate high
  • Roof completion
  • Lockup
  • Cabinets, fixtures, and fitting
  • Practical completion
  • Handover

These are the process involved in constructing stages, depending on the land project must be executed and flattering surface to construct is considered as site wok .when the slap gets poured them from the foundation of the house and before that, all plumbing works will be done is considered as slab downstage. For water, power, gas, and electrical and plumber work and they point out a brick in internal and external by the plate high stage.color bond steel either roof tiles, when it gets up it makes a real look of the house it is considered as roof completion. Look up all your doors and windows are locked when the plumber carpenter completes their woks all the doors are locked at came out. All the stages are complete before the per – stage construction is cabinets, fixtures, and fitting. In the practical completion, this is a perfect time to complete the look of the house with the supervisor before settling the collection of amount, this is the best time to go a walk with the constructors they make us be 100%happy with our dream house. When you had their final payment for the house with satisfaction our dream house was complete.

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