A guide to moving furniture like a pro

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When we think about furniture moving, we usually seek professional help for those heavy back-wrenching items. However, in case you’re not very lucky to find the right support, not to be worried as this article is precisely for you. Keep reading, and you’ll be amazed to know lots of methods of moving furniture easily. However, in case you need the best Jeddah Furniture Moving Company (شركات نقل عفش ) for any location in Jeddah, give us a call. We will be right at your place and take care of the entire furniture moving operation. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Furniture sliders with strap: How can you use them to move heavy items easily

We often encounter situations like this where we do have to move furniture for the customer, and in this article, we just want to show you how we handle big bulky pieces of furniture such as dressers and stuff like that. First, we need furniture sliders, and we have some 4-foot furniture sliders here with us. They have a big advantage – not only because they are in length a lot longer than the smaller easy sliders (that you would put under just a single leg or something like that), but also these actually have the straps on each individual slider. You can adjust them effortlessly – they do have the adjustable strap for taller or shorter people just to make it more comfortable for you. The advantage of having these sliders on the bottom of the furniture with those straps to pull from the bottom is tremendous. How can they help? Let me explain. If you have these sliders and you put them at the bottom of a dresser try to push it, then the furniture going to be leaning forward and a little bit shaky – because all of the weight and all of the tension is down on the ground. But if somebody would grab that strap and pull that dresser –  they would be able to drag that heavy furniture without much hassle. The benefit of having the straps on while you’re pulling from the bottom of the piece of furniture over pushing at the top is clear. If you’re working on a big tall dresser or something like that where the weight distribution is not even, and most of the time, the top is heavier than the bottom, these sliders would be of much help undoubtedly. If you do come across some really nice antique furniture that has the long skinny legs where if you try to push it, there’s a good chance that piece of furniture is going to wiggle on the legs because it’s putting pressure where the leg would join. However, if you use these sliders, the job would be much easier because the strap is on the bottom, and you are pulling from the bottom – so, there’s absolutely no tension on the fragile little legs whatsoever. We have actually moved a baby grand piano with three with these long sliders, and it was done by just one person without any help. He did that as he was able to pull it from the bottom. Everybody knows that a baby grand piano has three legs on it, so there’s a lot of weight up high on that, and they’re on long skinny legs. Therefore, if you try to push that, then there’s a really good chance that those legs would just break off.

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